In service of the skies

Cutting-edge technologies and a high level of expertise make Avio Aero an international point of reference for commercial aviation as well as the assembly and maintenance of engines for military use.

july 2020

A young girl's dream

july 2020

The extraordinary story of the woman who flies the supersonic Typhoon fighter, whose engines are as legendary for aviators as they are for those who built it and still service its efficiency today.

From Tempest to future engines and drones

july 2020

Highlights from the speech given by Avio Aero CEO Riccardo Procacci to the Italian Senate Defence Committee concerning Italian participation in the Common European Security and Defense Policy.

Revolutionary Catalyst

june 2020

Why the European turboprop engine, with its advanced stage of development is a leap in performance quality and a game changer in the aviation sector.

Together for Europe

june 2020

The collaboration’s network connecting enterprises, R&D centers and universities expands and welcomes other top European institutions as it prepares for Clean Aviation's vital mission.

Founded in 2008 and on-line since 2015, the about digital magazine shares Avio Aero’s people stories of technological innovation and passion for driving excellence in the aviation industry. 

Defense Culture

june 2020

Admiral Agostini, guest of Avio Aero Talk, offered some enlightening points of view on the role of communication in Defense and its fundamental importance, not only during times of crises.

Technology that flies

june 2020

In recent years, Avio Aero has developed an efficient production process dedicated to the production of transmission systems to equip aircraft engines.

The two ingredients of innovation

Today more and more companies, large and small, are combining Technology and Sustainability for transforming times of difficulty or threats into opportunities for growth.

july 2020

Take Pride in us

june 2020

In this #PrideMonth, Avio Aero provides a virtual space to celebrate Pride and to hear from advocates across Italy who campaign every day for a more inclusive world.

More than Smart

may 2020

Smart Working is not really a brand-new practice at Avio Aero, also thanks to the efficient and seamless speed with which it was recently embedded into corporate culture.


Jobs on the frontline

The Avio Aero professionals who are always watching over the health and safety of their colleagues, carrying out work that may seem obvious until the most unexpected of events.


Each one protects everyone

The first Avio Aero web-talk hosts the dean of the Politecnico di Torino and offers a privileged insight into the technological and social context of today and tomorrow.


Catalyst, integration at first sight

GE Aviation’s first European-born engine has completed integration tests with MT Propeller, creating a new chapter of an increasingly exciting story.


Easter with the heroes

Staying at home or present on field, this year's Easter holidays have been definitively out of the ordinary for many workers, and this story is inspired by many of them. 


Old but gold.
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