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L’appuntamento trimestrale con aggiornamenti, informazioni e novità per la tua vita in azienda.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Leading Marine & Industrial

The new leader of the European center of excellence for the LM class: an interview with about magazine.

Technology & Digital Innovation

EHS, between success and new challenges

Ever more watchful of safety and health in our workplaceo.

Technology & Digital Innovation

The very first Italian Additive Lab

Avio Aero opened the first laboratory dedicated to the development of repair procedures for aviation engine components using additive technologies

Technology & Digital Innovation

Avio Aero is on Predix

The first apps developed in our factories come to life on GE’s digital industrial platform

Technology & Digital Innovation

Work-Tools on demand

The Avio Aero ‘Project Integrators’ pilot project is now fully operative also in Brindisi and Pomigliano.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Start your engine

La test cell partenopea è pronta per accogliere diverse configurazioni motori grazie a un brillante restyling operativo e funzionale.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Imagining the gearbox of the future

The mechanical transmission for a revolutionary rotorcraft is our Engineers’ mission in relation to the most ambitious research project.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Da Vinci Code 2.0

How 3D printing and digital technologies are altering the face of aircraft engine manufacturing in Italy

Technology & Digital Innovation

Changing the way

There’s a special team working on our digital transformation and evolution, generating ideas and collecting data that will change the way we work.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Brilliant Brindisi

Work and industrial processes keep on transforming, as step by step the aviation industry becomes more and more intelligent.

Research & Education

On the front line of technological research

Our IT colleagues spoke recently at a conference organized by Distretto Tecnologico Pugliese at the Ecotekne campus of the University of Salento, our longstanding research partner