How Europe flies

wrzesień 2018

R&D projects for both the future aircraft and the engines seen up-close by who’s leading them, as well as by who’s working on design and cutting-edge technologies.

The Network Effect

czerwiec 2018

This innovative partnership helps new ideas and talented engineers take flight. 

Europe on the horizon

czerwiec 2018

Two aircraft of the future and their innovative engine architectures described by members of the European network of technological collaboration which is already conceiving them.

Learn to fly...high

maj 2018

The new university course dedicated to advanced manufacturing has started in one of the best engineering school worldwide, it will take students into the industries of the future.

University 4.0

luty 2018

The new partnership with the Polytechnic University of Turin for a special Master’s degree, called Manufacturing 4.0, on the industrial production systems of the future.

Natural Born Gearboxes

luty 2018

Inside one of Tuscany’s most amazing natural park, a partnered lab with University of Pisa sets the foundations for ecofriendly power gearboxes. 

Among Europe's stars

styczeń 2018

Engineering team from Avio Aero awarded for their sharp contributions to Europe’s ecofriendly future engines.

This is hot!

grudzień 2017

A new lab dedicated to Combustion & Heat Transfer is born, thanks to the partnership between Avio Aero and the University of Florence.  

The green side of additive

październik 2017

An European research project that is heavily inspired by ecology and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Laser machines in the University

wrzesień 2017

The new additive laboratory created by Avio Aero and Polytechnic of Turin to optimize and develop the industrial technology of the future.

Statistics meets industry

wrzesień 2017

Our engineers at the international conference to compete and innovate processes through statistics.

Helicopters in Bovisa

wrzesień 2017

Four days at the Polytechnic of Milan, among top experts and major players in the global helicopter sector, to talk about innovation and testing.


sierpień 2017

Discover an important research project introducing a small but great combustor, with a European heart.

Students at work

lipiec 2017

The Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro project, or Study and Work Alternation project, comes to Avio Aero again this year… as described through the students’ words.

Ideas for a new look

lipiec 2017

Avio Aero and the Polytechnic of Turin undertake a joint restyling project, but  this time dealing with future designers and architect. 

The future met in Turin

maj 2017

Avio Aero played host to the Large Passenger Aircraft Annual Review Meeting, in order to share and monitor the development of technology for the aircraft that will be flying in coming decades.

Talents flying

marzec 2017

Take-off for Avio Aero and ManpowerGroup project that flies into the future.

Tech Development Community

listopad 2016

The agreement between Avio Aero and 7 Italian Universities has been signed: more collaboration and outstanding skills serving technological innovation.

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