Ongoing research

listopad 2016

The evolution of European research programs in which Avio Aero plays a major role, the results achieved so far and the next steps to be taken.

How Europe flies

wrzesień 2018

R&D projects for both the future aircraft and the engines seen up-close by who’s leading them, as well as by who’s working on design and cutting-edge technologies.

Europe on the horizon

czerwiec 2018

Two aircraft of the future and their innovative engine architectures described by members of the European network of technological collaboration which is already conceiving them.

Natural Born Gearboxes

luty 2018

Inside one of Tuscany’s most amazing natural park, a partnered lab with University of Pisa sets the foundations for ecofriendly power gearboxes. 

Helicopters in Bovisa

wrzesień 2017

Four days at the Polytechnic of Milan, among top experts and major players in the global helicopter sector, to talk about innovation and testing.


sierpień 2017

Discover an important research project introducing a small but great combustor, with a European heart.

The future met in Turin

maj 2017

Avio Aero played host to the Large Passenger Aircraft Annual Review Meeting, in order to share and monitor the development of technology for the aircraft that will be flying in coming decades.

Ideas for a new look

lipiec 2017

Avio Aero and the Polytechnic of Turin undertake a joint restyling project, but  this time dealing with future designers and architect. 

Et voilà!

czerwiec 2017

The helicopter of the future, built by Airbus Helicopters for the Clean Sky 2 program and including our latest-generation technologies, was finally unveiled at Paris Air Show.

Sounds good!?

wrzesień 2018

Capture and analyse the sounds coming from inside an aircraft engine thanks to refined sensors and advanced prognostics systems to make the future of flight even safer and more reliable.

Once upon a time in a server

maj 2018

A new technology is facilitating digital transformation in businesses and, despite sophisticated terms, it is much closer to our everyday lives than it seems.

The future uncovered

listopad 2017

One of the most ambitious and impressive research program for a green aero engine becomes reality with engine’s ground test running.

The gearbox of the future

styczeń 2017

The mechanical transmission for a revolutionary rotorcraft is our Engineers’ mission in relation to the most ambitious research project.

Fast and furious

październik 2018

Not just a helicopter, not even an airplane, the RACER is the fastest in its category, capable of vertical take-off and landing, thanks to the latest technology and tremendous partnerships.

It's fire-proof

listopad 2018

It is not only a whole aero engine is tested, Aviation Industry demands that each and every single component passes the toughest tests to be allowed to fly.

An Italian Story

grudzień 2018

110 years of Avio Aero as seen from inside the Air Force aeronautical Museum going through a special journey of extraordinary stories, twisted with the aviation industry and much more.

Thinkers, innovators, pioneers

styczeń 2019

After 10 years since its birth, how the first Avio Aero laboratory at the Politecnico di Torino for future aero engine transformed itself, thanks to digital and additive.

Gran Torino

kwiecień 2018

The Sangone Test Center, inside Mirafiori automotive kingdom, inaugurated two new test cells for engine modules powering A400M and Cessna Denali.

Laser machines in the University

wrzesień 2017

The new additive laboratory created by Avio Aero and Polytechnic of Turin to optimize and develop the industrial technology of the future.

Kolejne lekcje z MAESTRO

maj 2019

Konferencja „Czyste niebo 2” przyciągnęła uwagę do jednego z najbardziej zaawansowanych i ambitnych projektów, których spodziewanych efektem mają być konkretne rezultaty rozwoju lotnictwa.

No Toys for Old Men

lipiec 2019

Pure love for aviation can be expressed by working on aero engines, becoming a private aircraft pilot and even throughout model aircraft, something very serious and incredibly close to reality.

The electrifying evolution of IRON

lipiec 2019

One of the most important decarbonization projects destined to change the future of the aeronautics industry is advancing through a new configuration featuring hybrid propulsion.


kwiecień 2019

W laboratoriach Avio Aero przeprowadzane są testy elektromagnetyczn, których celem jest zapewnienie, że żadne pole zewnętrzne nie zmieni wydajności silnika.

More than a STEM game

wrzesień 2019

In Rome, young female Computer Science talents gathered to participate in a hackathon organized and led by Avio Aero digital experts of together with CTNA.

Propulsion back to life

październik 2019

At the Museo Storico dell’Aeronautica, the ceremony for the restoration of the rarest and most innovative historic engines ever built, part of the Italian Air Force history and of our heritage.

She paved the (run)way

listopad 2019

An inspiring conversation throughout reflections and exclusive comments by Fiorenza De Bernardi, 91 years of Italian aviation history and more than 7000 flight hours.

How does it fly?!

listopad 2019

The weekend of the Technology Festival was a real success, with more than 1000 children, students and adults visiting and taking part in the Avio Aero workshops dedicated to the world of flying.

Federated Testing

marzec 2019

A team of European brains is accompanying GE's new turboprop engine towards its first flight, through a myriad of testing sensors and cables, advanced test rooms and a digital twin.

Borgaretto goes 3D

luty 2020

Industrial processes existing since almost a century, restructured and renewed thanks to technology that improves results and sustainability: just like the 3D-printed sand cores.

Together for Europe

czerwiec 2020

The collaboration’s network connecting enterprises, R&D centers and universities expands and welcomes other top European institutions as it prepares for Clean Aviation's vital mission.

Old but gold.
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