Helicopters in Bovisa

wrzesień 2017

Four days at the Polytechnic of Milan, among top experts and major players in the global helicopter sector, to talk about innovation and testing.

The green side of additive

październik 2017

An European research project that is heavily inspired by ecology and advanced manufacturing technologies.

The Network Effect

czerwiec 2018

This innovative partnership helps new ideas and talented engineers take flight. 

Italian Additive Lab

listopad 2016

Avio Aero opened the first laboratory dedicated to the development of repair procedures for aviation engine components using additive technologies

Work-Tools on demand

wrzesień 2016

The Avio Aero ‘Project Integrators’ pilot project is now fully operative also in Brindisi and Pomigliano.

Start your engine

styczeń 2017

La test cell partenopea è pronta per accogliere diverse configurazioni motori grazie a un brillante restyling operativo e funzionale.

Open Sesame!

lipiec 2017

The first additive repair techniques under development in Italy’s Apulia Region are already being adopted in the factory – such as in Brindisi, where one special machine does the job of three.

Made in NaPoland!

lipiec 2017

Clean, efficient and robotized, the new lines for the LEAP program in Pomigliano and Bielsko-Biała are astonishing and they’re ready to face the challenge of a striking market demand.

The silent revolution

sierpień 2017

Less complexity, costs, wasted material and noise, additive manufacturing in aviation and other industries is optimistically looking ahead to the future, counting on a present that already makes history.

Give me your eyes

sierpień 2017

Smart glasses, experimentally developed inside the Avio Aero Services area, are opening a new chapter in the industrial digitalization.

No smoking guns

wrzesień 2017

The first repair using groundbreaking additive techniques through a special gun has already been performed, inside a University Campus.

Blade Runners

październik 2017

Take a look inside this factory 3D printing jet engine parts.

Ever more Brilliant

październik 2017

The advance of digitalization continues within Avio Aero’s factories, thanks to IT teams working in tandem with manufacturing specialists.

No Data, No Digital

listopad 2017

The joint efforts of IT and production professionals have proven that it takes time to become an industry 4.0, with much experimentation, development and learning along the way.

Niemiecka dyscyplina, włoska błyskotliwość

grudzień 2017

Witamy w Bielsku-Białej, polskim zakładzie, który przechodzi przełomową rewolucję technologiczną.

Gigant z lasu

grudzień 2017

W olbrzymim laboratorium badawczym Polonia Aero rozpoczęto testy na turbinie największego na świecie komercyjnego silnika odrzutowego. 

The sky in a room

grudzień 2017

Unique test environments where the main ATP engine modules, including their 3D printed parts, are tested in flight before the whole engine test.

Tag and Follow

luty 2018

This isn’t another social network for industry, but rather a new tool on Avio Aero’s path towards digitalization.

Brindisi goes 3D

marzec 2018

A new dedicated additive manufacturing facility in the south of Italy, it will build parts for the newly christened GE CatalystTM engine.

Blade Runners 4.0

maj 2018

Researchers at the Additive Repair Development Center in Bari are developing a second additive repair technique for aircraft engine turbines.

Once upon a time in a server

maj 2018

A new technology is facilitating digital transformation in businesses and, despite sophisticated terms, it is much closer to our everyday lives than it seems.

A LEAP for Avio Aero

styczeń 2017

An unprecedented commitment for the company’s facilities in Europe for the launch of their latest programme to support CFM engines for medium-range aircrafts.

And the challenge goes on

luty 2017

Our customer EPI has congratulated us on the improvements made to our gearboxes and asked us to keep up the good work.

Side by side with heroes

marzec 2017

Our Brindisi Service team supports the helicopter engines of several Italian armed forces, including the Police Force in Abruzzo.

Avio Aero goes for the double

kwiecień 2017

The modules for the second engine to test in the GE9X program have been delivered, and work is pressing ahead on the next modules for dispatch to the USA.

Even the Navy flies... with us!

kwiecień 2017

The Italian Navy has received the first MH-90 helicopter in tactical transport version for its 5th Helicopter Group.

One thousand and counting...

kwiecień 2017

Celebrated, at Torino Caselle airport, the five hundredth Typhoon and the thousandth EJ200 delivered to the Italian Air Force.

Power at sea

maj 2017

Seven thousand tons sailing at up to 27 knots, thanks to the turbines Avio Aero installs on the FREMM vessels.

A magic Spray

czerwiec 2017

Our engineers and technicians have developed a service process with major operational benefits for airlines, all thanks to the thermal spray.

Great opening at PAS

czerwiec 2017

First day of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget with impressive results for GE Aviation on the wing of enthusiasm.

Facts and figures

lipiec 2017

A week after the end of the aviation industry's most important event, impressive figures to which GE contributed with its orders and commitments.

Long live the LEAP

wrzesień 2017

Three core components of the brand-new CFM engine will be revised and repaired at Avio Aero's service shops.

Avio Aero awards at 2017 ALM

styczeń 2017

The annual presentation of results and awards for GE Aviation took place this year in Cincinnati.

Ironman works in Brindisi

lipiec 2017

One of the most exhausting challenge, completed by a colleague from our Brindisi site, who after a total 270 km race says… he’s not tired.

ATP gets fresh

listopad 2017

Among the 3D printed components that make this engine unique, one of them, or actually three, integrate high tech and thermal capabilities into a very small space.

The Heli Specialist

listopad 2017

Have a look inside the Leonardo Elicotteri plant, discovering one of the most long-running and high-tech collaborations for Avio Aero.

Behemoths of the sea

styczeń 2018

In the places where the most imposing military vessels are built, including the first PPA, equipped with the most powerful of gas turbines.

The supersonic flight goes on

luty 2018

The EJ200 program achieves a distinguished milestone with a special delivery for the Italian Air Force.  

Reggae on the shop floor

maj 2018

Angelo is the Dj and producer of the band BoomDaBash, his songs are about diversity and inclusion, but he is also an aviation professional with a truly unique story.

Engineers in overalls

czerwiec 2018

The digital transformation in complex industrial contexts is beneficial to the process, to work areas, and can even increase professionalism, or inspire new ones. 

Wspaniała siódemka

marzec 2018

A shining model of intercontinental cooperation based on advanced engineering is taking shape on one of the most anticipated engines.

Additive for the airlines

kwiecień 2018

Maintenance and repair techniques based on additive technologies are ready for the airlines inside Avio Aero repair stations, after the development and certifications phases inside Avio Aero labs.

The Diva inside everyone

lipiec 2017

Thanks to the Women’s Network, we discovered an inspiring professional-human story combined with a stunning hi-tech invention.

Diverse...but from whom?

październik 2017

The GLBTA forum in Milan has been an opportunity to tackle the subject of diversity in the world of work, with a valuable contribution from Avio Aero.

Learning like Millennials

kwiecień 2018

Exactly five years after the tragic event that struck the heart of its buildings, the City of Science is more alive than ever through its exhibitions, training experiences and labs, one of those is dedicated to Avio Aero.

CSI Aviation

czerwiec 2018

Investigations carried out by specialized engineers and technicians, who seek for the reasons of failures and damages happened to aircraft engines, are almost as infallible as a black-box.

Limitless LEAP

lipiec 2018

Just two years after the start of operation, one thousand engines have already been assembled for the program that is breaking all records and testing the mettle of the production teams in Italy and Poland.

England, start your engines

lipiec 2018

What World Cup? What Wimbledon? Aviation’s Own Grand Slam Event Is Starting On Monday In Farnborough, England.

That's volare

wrzesień 2018

A story of industrial transformation, legendary vehicles and brilliant engineers, handed down to present times by the designers and producers of pure ‘Made in Italy’ airplanes, even unmanned ones.

The 3Dreamers

wrzesień 2018

Meet the generation of aviation design engineers who are thinking differently thanks to a disruptive technology and an amazing attitude.

How Europe flies

wrzesień 2018

R&D projects for both the future aircraft and the engines seen up-close by who’s leading them, as well as by who’s working on design and cutting-edge technologies.

Additive against FOD

październik 2018

A new form of Engineering-Manufacturing collaboration takes an attractive shape thanks to the design for additive, right where the second Avio Aero additive facility is going to open soon. 

Fast and furious

październik 2018

Not just a helicopter, not even an airplane, the RACER is the fastest in its category, capable of vertical take-off and landing, thanks to the latest technology and tremendous partnerships.

The Millionaire

listopad 2018

The Eurofighter Typhoon, also known as the European defense backbone, reaches the historical milestone of 500,000 flight hours, or one million for its supersonic engines.

Mechanical jewelry

grudzień 2018

The first transmission kit produced in Italy for the next generation of civil helicopters, including sophisticated technology to ensure reliability and unique performance.

An Italian Story

grudzień 2018

110 years of Avio Aero as seen from inside the Air Force aeronautical Museum going through a special journey of extraordinary stories, twisted with the aviation industry and much more.

The Propeller Heads

styczeń 2019

Two engineers, both eager pilots, inside the test facility that allows the most realistic flight simulation for the Catalyst engine, applying real components and weather conditions.

Grand Total

styczeń 2019

Boeing pairs the world’s largest twin-engine commercial airplane with the world’s largest jet engine including its likewise record-breaker turbine.


luty 2019

Un grupo mexicano de ingenieros de GE, instituciones nacionales, profesores de universidad e investigadores están recorriendo Europa para ver, de primera mano, las maravillas tecnológicas y para disfrutar del efecto de red.

Back to the Future

luty 2019

Travelling from one city to another or crossing megalopolis thanks to artificial intelligence, electric propulsion and hybridization is not just Sci-Fi for aviation professionals.

The oldest online University

marzec 2019

Millennials, and not only, take lessons from professors on the web, sharpened by corporate leaders' contributions, to obtain real degrees from the most prestigious universities.

Federated Testing

marzec 2019

A team of European brains is accompanying GE's new turboprop engine towards its first flight, through a myriad of testing sensors and cables, advanced test rooms and a digital twin.

Cameri gets bigger

marzec 2019

The next generation of additive machines are already installed at the factory of the future in Cameri, to 3D print turbine blades for the new GE9X engine and to continue expansion.

Niebo nad Europą

kwiecień 2019

Konferencja „Czyste niebo 2” poświęcona jest nadchodzącym wyzwaniom, innowacjom w dziedzinie lotnictwa, które umożliwiają zrównoważony rozwój i przyszłość o mniejszym wpływie na środowisko naturalne.

Silnik Catalyst GE w Dronach

kwiecień 2019

W biznesie i lotnictwie debiutuje właśnie zupełnie nowy silnik turbośmigłowy, jednakże wojskowa wersja tej rewolucyjnej technologii silników to coś więcej niż tylko sam koncept.

Kolejne lekcje z MAESTRO

maj 2019

Konferencja „Czyste niebo 2” przyciągnęła uwagę do jednego z najbardziej zaawansowanych i ambitnych projektów, których spodziewanych efektem mają być konkretne rezultaty rozwoju lotnictwa.

Jedźcy na silniku odrzutowym

maj 2019

Nie jest to żaden przypadek, że  talenty specjalistów serwisu silników lotniczych opierają się także o praktyczną wiedzę w zakresie motocykli.

JeSTEM z Avio Aero Polska

czerwiec 2019

W Avio Aero Polska można usłyszeć niezwykłe historie kobiet, które stawiają czoła stereotypom bezpośrednio na hali produkcyjnej, jak i w innych bardziej tradycyjnych rolach w zakładzie produkcyjnym, będącym raczej męskim środowiskiem.

Paryski Jackpot

czerwiec 2019

Targi Le Bourget zakończyły się ekscytującymi wynikami dla Avio Aero i GE Aviation, zaczynając od silników komercyjnych i helikopterów, a kończąc na europejskich zobowiązaniach dotyczących lotnictwa przyszłości.

Game of Drones

lipiec 2019

The evolution of drones knows no boundaries and is drawing more and more curious people, even from outside the aviation sector, while at the last airshow the new Falco Xplorer has been revealed.

The electrifying evolution of IRON

lipiec 2019

One of the most important decarbonization projects destined to change the future of the aeronautics industry is advancing through a new configuration featuring hybrid propulsion.

University according to Cupertino

lipiec 2019

The newly elected dean of the Polytechnic of Bari discusses his vision of the academic world, collaboration with the industry and of how the partnership with Avio Aero marked his path.

Ready, Steady…3D print it!

lipiec 2019

Additive production for the Catalyst engine has started in Brindisi, this is the culmination of worldwide collaboration that is revolutionizing how the factory works.

The Salento hub

wrzesień 2019

Avio Aero Brindisi is going to become the fifth global hub dedicated to the service of the commercial engine that has so far accumulated a total of in-flight hours equal to 950 years.

Propulsion back to life

październik 2019

At the Museo Storico dell’Aeronautica, the ceremony for the restoration of the rarest and most innovative historic engines ever built, part of the Italian Air Force history and of our heritage.

12 star propellers

październik 2019

The best European propeller manufacturer is the most accredited to equip GE’s Catalyst for military applications, thanks to a collaboration agreement and a unique product.

Hi-tech propulsion

październik 2019

Avio Aero technology for a number of engine components in the PW800 family by Pratt & Whitney Canada offers even greater innovation on board the latest generation jets.

How are you today, Machine?

listopad 2019

At the Avio Aero plants, the digital transformation goes on and involves also the teams that guarantee the efficiency and performances of both production and machinery.

The rise of Baby Talents

grudzień 2019

These 17 to 19-year-olds shone during their very first approach to the working world that allowed them to direct their motivation, commitment and aspirations.

Handing tech passion down

grudzień 2019

Transferring professionalism and technical skills from generation to generation means value for the future and business continuity, like the story of Salvatore and Elvis can tell.

Billion Dollar Baby

styczeń 2020

2020 opens with a new record and a reflection on the purpose and responsibility of Avio Aero sustainable growth path, by a leader who is quite familiar with the company and the industry.

Bavaria meets Salento

styczeń 2020

At the Wet Rig in Brindisi, the preliminary integration tests for the GE Catalyst with the propeller made by MT Propeller and dedicated to military applications have been kicked off.

Sky and sand

luty 2020

Inside one of Avio Aero's engine test cells, a special testing campaign helps improve the way airliners’ engines cope with the most extreme natural conditions.

Electricity is in the air

luty 2020

The commitment to environmental impact reduction, which yet lasts since a decade, bolstered by the European Green Deal and exemplified in the latest project for cleaner and quieter flights.

LEAN sustainable automation

marzec 2020

An innovative assembly line for helicopter transmissions at the Rivalta factory offers ergonomic benefits for the operator and even more value for the final customer.

Aviation can heal

marzec 2020

While passenger air transport is suffering worldwide, a sector made up of worthy people is analyzing the phenomenon and working to ensure aid, rescue, transport and security. 

Easter with the heroes

kwiecień 2020

Staying at home or present on field, this year's Easter holidays have been definitively out of the ordinary for many workers, and this story is inspired by many of them. 

More than Smart

maj 2020

Smart Working is not really a brand-new practice at Avio Aero, also thanks to the efficient and seamless speed with which it was recently embedded into corporate culture.

Each one protects everyone

maj 2020

The first Avio Aero web-talk hosts the dean of the Politecnico di Torino and offers a privileged insight into the technological and social context of today and tomorrow.

Together for Europe

czerwiec 2020

The collaboration’s network connecting enterprises, R&D centers and universities expands and welcomes other top European institutions as it prepares for Clean Aviation's vital mission.

Old but gold.
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