110 years and counting

Shows, photos, music and activities for children. All this and more were on offer at the Turin stage of Avio Aero’s 110th birthday celebrations.

październik 2018

"Time isn’t measured in days or years, but in evolutions". This was the slogan that welcomed over 1800 attendees to the event celebrating 110 years of Avio Aero innovation. A celebration dedicated to the people who work every single day to make this company great and who, together with their loved ones, made the evening’s atmosphere unique. The event was held at the old railway repair workshops in Turin, the OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni): a frame perfectly integrated into the picture. So much so that the frame itself became part of the picture. The venue’s large and evocative spaces proved to be just the right setting for a photography exhibition displaying the skills, spirit of innovation, and technology of this over 100-year-old company. It is precisely these characteristics that have enabled the company to write priceless chapters in the history of aviation.

With this expertise, made up of ideas and intuition, discoveries, solutions and people, Avio Aero has experienced over a century of change and events marking the industrial history of Italy. And it is thanks to this heritage that it looks with confidence to the future of aeronautics, ready to chart the way, together with the most important players in the industry. 

It was not a celebration looking backing to the past, but an enjoyable opportunity to show its employees, their families and guests from outside the company - from other companies and elsewhere - what Avio Aero will bring to the future.  Bravery, practicality, and clear thinking are some of the characteristics which have always allowed Avio Aero to shine on the market and which remain an integral part of the promise the company will continue to make in the years to come to those who choose it. Ability to innovate is the guarantee Avio Aero offers. 

insta 110years

Through the photographs on show and the expressive power of the exhibition, the company attempted to give a taste of its "eternal progress". From the first engine produced to references to projects on which Avio Aero is working today, but which already feature the technology of the future, such as additive manufacturing technology. The exhibition was designed as a timeline of the company’s distinguishing features through its major milestones. In the images of these 110 years, the past meets and mixes with the present, and immediately pushes towards the future, the only dimension in which Avio Aero truly feels at home.

Adding to the atmosphere was the music that accompanied guests throughout the evening, ranging between different genres and sounds. There were also attractions for the little ones (the children’s face paint was a resounding success), an LED light show, a photo booth completes with aviator goggles and hat, and the "Future Lab” workshop with activities for children. And of course, good food and the smiles permanently on the faces of attendees as they spent the evening together.

The Avio Aero cedlebration party

The celebrations will continue across the company’s other two Italian sites, in Brindisi and Pomigliano d'Arco. All that remains to be said for now is a big thank you to all those who took part, either physically or in spirit, for coming on this journey with us.