In service of the skies

lipiec 2020

Cutting-edge technologies and a high level of expertise make Avio Aero an international point of reference for commercial aviation as well as the assembly and maintenance of engines for military use.

Technology that flies

czerwiec 2020

In recent years, Avio Aero has developed an efficient production process dedicated to the production of transmission systems to equip aircraft engines.

Jobs on the frontline

kwiecień 2020

The Avio Aero professionals who are always watching over the health and safety of their colleagues, carrying out work that may seem obvious until the most unexpected of events.

Easter with the heroes

kwiecień 2020

Staying at home or present on field, this year's Easter holidays have been definitively out of the ordinary for many workers, and this story is inspired by many of them. 

Spanish Tech Leader, European engine

marzec 2020

The engineer who in Avio Aero is leading the development of one of the most important projects in the European aviation industry tells why GE Catalyst is ready for defense applications.

STEM is wonder!

marzec 2020

There is a spark that turns on the passion for technical-scientific disciplines and continues to shine in the eyes of those women committed to the industry of the future.

Handing tech passion down

grudzień 2019

Transferring professionalism and technical skills from generation to generation means value for the future and business continuity, like the story of Salvatore and Elvis can tell.

STEM from customer to customer

grudzień 2019

A new story of women and technology, from Pomigliano d'Arco, presenting the role of Gabriella, who followed her family’s instinct to pursue an industrial career.

Be your "STEM self"

październik 2019

A highly inspiring conversation with an engineer who talks about her technical-professional path among factories and engines, and how this can be natural for a woman.

Rugby & Additive

sierpień 2019

Even before meeting on the job, two colleagues met each other on the rugby field thanks to their passion for this sport from which they have learned a lot, especially in terms of diversity.

No Toys for Old Men

lipiec 2019

Pure love for aviation can be expressed by working on aero engines, becoming a private aircraft pilot and even throughout model aircraft, something very serious and incredibly close to reality.


lipiec 2019

The two engineers selected for the 100 Flights program to celebrate GE Aviation's 100th anniversary and welcomed as guests at the Paris Air Show, tell the story and feelings of their dreamy days.

JeSTEM z Avio Aero Polska

czerwiec 2019

W Avio Aero Polska można usłyszeć niezwykłe historie kobiet, które stawiają czoła stereotypom bezpośrednio na hali produkcyjnej, jak i w innych bardziej tradycyjnych rolach w zakładzie produkcyjnym, będącym raczej męskim środowiskiem.

A Referee in Quality

maj 2019

One of Avio Aero's Supplier Quality Engineer, once his day between the office and shop floor comes to an end, takes on the official role of National Basketball Referee.

STEM by Women

maj 2019

W Turynie odbyła się inauguracja stowarzyszenia poświęconego promowaniu kursów uniwersyteckich i karier opartych na STEM, któremu przewodniczy dyrektor ds. HR w Avio Aero.

Jedźcy na silniku odrzutowym

maj 2019

Nie jest to żaden przypadek, że  talenty specjalistów serwisu silników lotniczych opierają się także o praktyczną wiedzę w zakresie motocykli.

What a STEM team!

kwiecień 2019

On the Rivalta shop floor there’s a team of women who knows how to get inspired and foster STEM professionalism while facing the aviation industries challenges and missions.

The STEM factor

marzec 2019

The women and technology binomial as described by one of Avio Aero professionals, throughout her real-life experience of commitment, efforts and success.

Thank you, Grandpa!

grudzień 2018

A specialist in aircraft engine testing and his "genetic" attraction to turbines, precision mechanics, and scale reproduction of objects that can be fired up, for real.

110 years and counting

październik 2018

Shows, photos, music and activities for children. All this and more were on offer at the Turin stage of Avio Aero’s 110th birthday celebrations.

The 3Dreamers

wrzesień 2018

Meet the generation of aviation design engineers who are thinking differently thanks to a disruptive technology and an amazing attitude.

Moja wizytówka

wrzesień 2018

Nowy lider zakładu w Bielsku Białej, Jacek Przygoda, zdążył  się już zaklimatyzować i rozpoczął współpracę z nowymi zespołami, mając jasno określony cel.

Captain, get ready for take-off

lipiec 2018

The first test flight on-board an exclusive aircraft powered by a great engine for the very first time, throughout the words of a young engineer, who was even allowed to give instructions to pilots.

Industrial Graffiti

czerwiec 2018

Street-art style to renew and revamp factories look, created and applied by artists who work in the workshop every day, like in Pomigliano for example.

Engineers in overalls

czerwiec 2018

The digital transformation in complex industrial contexts is beneficial to the process, to work areas, and can even increase professionalism, or inspire new ones. 

Reggae on the shop floor

maj 2018

Angelo is the Dj and producer of the band BoomDaBash, his songs are about diversity and inclusion, but he is also an aviation professional with a truly unique story.

Przepis na lidera i kobietę

kwiecień 2018

Tworzenie sieci kontaktów, równouprawnienie płci, wartość różnorodności oraz włączenie społeczne to podstawowe elementy ścieżki rozwoju dla młodej kobiety lidera, która dzieli swoje życie pomiędzy Włochy a USA.

To protect and to digitize

marzec 2018

Cybersecurity and the protection of digital environments are becoming more and more crucial today, professional figures such as Carlo are precious for companies and beyond.

A little Iliad set in Piedmont

styczeń 2018

Fabio Turrini’s passion for writing and mountains led him to write the adventure of a “team” of young people, featuring climbing, love and cultural clashes.

Superheroes at Bielsko-Bala

październik 2017

Piknik rodzinny Avio Aero Polska cieszył się dużym powodzeniem …dzięki specjalnie przygotowanemu programowi. 

From Turkey!

wrzesień 2017

Women in tech are not only working on complex products, they also tell inspiring stories made of role, life and habits changes.

Ironman works in Brindisi

lipiec 2017

One of the most exhausting challenge, completed by a colleague from our Brindisi site, who after a total 270 km race says… he’s not tired.

And the award goes to….

marzec 2017

Even this year the ERD 2017 was a great recognition event for our most creative and brilliant minds.

Avio Aero awards at 2017 ALM

styczeń 2017

The annual presentation of results and awards for GE Aviation took place this year in Cincinnati.

Discussing "Work in the future"

grudzień 2016

What features, and what new elements emerge from the most recent analyses and from the experience of those who have made the future their profession today? 

Old but gold.
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