Avio Aero People

Reggae on the shop-floor

Angelo is the Dj and producer of the band BoomDaBash, his songs are about diversity and inclusion, but he is also an aviation professional with a truly unique story.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Blade Runners 4.0

Researchers at the Additive Repair Development Center in Bari are developing a second additive repair technique for aircraft engine turbines.

Research & Education

Learn to fly...high

The new university course dedicated to advanced manufacturing has started in one of the best engineering school worldwide, it will take students into the industries of the future.

Market & Product

Additive for the airlines

Maintenance and repair techniques based on additive technologies are ready for the airlines inside Avio Aero repair stations, after the development and certifications phases inside Avio Aero labs.

Community & Culture

Learning like Millennials

Exactly five years after the tragic event that struck the heart of its buildings, the City of Science is more alive than ever through its exhibitions, training experiences and labs, one of those is dedicated to Avio Aero.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Gran Torino

The Sangone Test Center, inside Mirafiori automotive kingdom, inaugurated two new test cells for engine modules powering A400M and Cessna Denali.

Avio Aero People

Recipe for a woman leader

Networking, gender equality, value of diversity and inclusion, are core ingredients for the development path of a young woman leader between US and Italy.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Digitally galvanized

A new digital tool for one of the special processes performed at Rivalta allows operators, engineers and laboratory technicians to stay connected in daily work.

Market & Product

Wspaniała siódemka

A shining model of intercontinental cooperation based on advanced engineering is taking shape on one of the most anticipated engines.

Avio Aero People

To protect and to digitize

Cybersecurity and the protection of digital environments are becoming more and more crucial today, professional figures such as Carlo are precious for companies and beyond.

Technology & Digital Innovation

Brindisi goes 3D

A new dedicated additive manufacturing facility in the south of Italy, it will build parts for the newly christened GE CatalystTM engine.