Meet the Guru

wrzesień 2019

Exclusive interview with the international expert on politics and economics, who have met with the people of Avio Aero to analyze today's world whilst looking at what tomorrow holds.

The Salento hub

wrzesień 2019

Avio Aero Brindisi is going to become the fifth global hub dedicated to the service of the commercial engine that has so far accumulated a total of in-flight hours equal to 950 years.

Currencies of tomorrow

wrzesień 2019

Avio Aero engineers engaged in a new educational endeavor, purely aeronautical, with the aim to become the primary medium of exchange between the university and the company.

Rugby & Additive

sierpień 2019

Even before meeting on the job, two colleagues met each other on the rugby field thanks to their passion for this sport from which they have learned a lot, especially in terms of diversity.

Projektanci wnętrz w fabryce

sierpień 2019

W nowoczesnych fabrykach meble i oprzyrządowanie muszą być funkcjonalne i zaprojektowane przez profesjonalistów, którzy w Avio Aero swoje inspiracje czerpią tylko od największych wynalazców w historii. 

And the Winner is...

sierpień 2019

Avio Aero sponsors EBEC, the competition deemed the "Champions League" of engineers in the university world, which rewards the brightest minds during the final ceremony.

Założony w 2008 roku, od 2015 roku on-line, cyfrowy magazyn About dzieli się historiami ludzi z Avio Aero o innowacji technologicznej i pasji w dążeniu do doskonałości w branży lotniczej.

41,000 feet above the sky

sierpień 2019

It is full thrusters for the tests on the new GE Catalyst engine, which has reached an altitude of 41,000 feet, in preparation for its official maiden flight.

The electrifying evolution of IRON

lipiec 2019

One of the most important decarbonization projects destined to change the future of the aeronautics industry is advancing through a new configuration featuring hybrid propulsion.

Ready, Steady…3D print it!

Additive production for the Catalyst engine has started in Brindisi, this is the culmination of worldwide collaboration that is revolutionizing how the factory works.

lipiec 2019

No Toys for Old Men

lipiec 2019

Pure love for aviation can be expressed by working on aero engines, becoming a private aircraft pilot and even throughout model aircraft, something very serious and incredibly close to reality.

University according to Cupertino

lipiec 2019

The newly elected dean of the Polytechnic of Bari discusses his vision of the academic world, collaboration with the industry and of how the partnership with Avio Aero marked his path.


Game of Drones

The evolution of drones knows no boundaries and is drawing more and more curious people, even from outside the aviation sector, while at the last airshow the new Falco Xplorer has been revealed.


YES, We Pride!

Avio Aero employees commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall by taking part in Pride parades across several cities with their delegations to reaffirm their unyielding advocacy of diversity.


The Italian Tech Week

An entire week of meetings between inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, business angels, as well as events with the top players in technology and digitization, including Avio Aero.



The two engineers selected for the 100 Flights program to celebrate GE Aviation's 100th anniversary and welcomed as guests at the Paris Air Show, tell the story and feelings of their dreamy days.


Old but gold.
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