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A story of industrial transformation, legendary vehicles and brilliant engineers, handed down to present times by the designers and producers of pure ‘Made in Italy’ airplanes, even unmanned ones.

wrzesień 2018

Moja wizytówka

wrzesień 2018

Nowy lider zakładu w Bielsku Białej, Jacek Przygoda, zdążył  się już zaklimatyzować i rozpoczął współpracę z nowymi zespołami, mając jasno określony cel.

Sounds good!?

wrzesień 2018

Capture and analyse the sounds coming from inside an aircraft engine thanks to refined sensors and advanced prognostics systems to make the future of flight even safer and more reliable.

Limitless LEAP

lipiec 2018

Just two years after the start of operation, one thousand engines have already been assembled for the program that is breaking all records and testing the mettle of the production teams in Italy and Poland.

Celebrating Pride

lipiec 2018

Five events across Italy participated by the GE Affinity Groups and the allies, including their insights and feelings about rising diversity as a key-value for success.

Założony w 2008 roku, od 2015 roku on-line, cyfrowy magazyn About dzieli się historiami ludzi z Avio Aero o innowacji technologicznej i pasji w dążeniu do doskonałości w branży lotniczej.

The Network Effect

czerwiec 2018

This innovative partnership helps new ideas and talented engineers take flight. 

From a wrench to a tablet

lipiec 2018

Digital transformation involves the way people work, their professions, and even their work tools, both in offices and in factories.

Captain, get ready for take-off

The first test flight on-board an exclusive aircraft powered by a great engine for the very first time, throughout the words of a young engineer, who was even allowed to give instructions to pilots.

lipiec 2018

Industrial Graffiti

Street-art style to renew and revamp factories look, created and applied by artists who work in the workshop every day, like in Pomigliano for example.


European propulsion on the horizon

Two aircraft of the future and their innovative engine architectures described by members of the European network of technological collaboration which is already conceiving them.


CSI Aviation

Investigations carried out by specialized engineers and technicians, who seek for the reasons of failures and damages happened to aircraft engines, are almost as infallible as a black-box.


Reggae on the shop-floor

Angelo is the Dj and producer of the band BoomDaBash, his songs are about diversity and inclusion, but he is also an aviation professional with a truly unique story.


Stary, ale jary.
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