More than Smart

may 2020

Smart Working is not really a brand-new practice at Avio Aero, also thanks to the efficient and seamless speed with which it was recently embedded into corporate culture.

The Polish Academy of Lean

march 2020

How the Lean Academy has been embraced and adopted across GE Aviation teams in Poland, bringing lean culture to the next level of improvement and involvement.

LEAN sustainable automation

march 2020

An innovative assembly line for helicopter transmissions at the Rivalta factory offers ergonomic benefits for the operator and even more value for the final customer.

Sky and sand

february 2020

Inside one of Avio Aero's engine test cells, a special testing campaign helps improve the way airliners’ engines cope with the most extreme natural conditions.

Borgaretto goes 3D

february 2020

Industrial processes existing since almost a century, restructured and renewed thanks to technology that improves results and sustainability: just like the 3D-printed sand cores.

At the speed of Lean

january 2020

Industrial transformation takes advantage of the lean philosophy to improve 360° manufacturing operations, from speed to reliability, quality, and, of course, safety.

How are you today, Machine?

november 2019

At the Avio Aero plants, the digital transformation goes on and involves also the teams that guarantee the efficiency and performances of both production and machinery.

Interior Design for the factory

august 2019

In modern factories, furniture and tooling must be functional and, at Avio Aero, are designed by professionals who are inspired even by the greatest inventors.

Game of Drones

july 2019

The evolution of drones knows no boundaries and is drawing more and more curious people, even from outside the aviation sector, while at the last airshow the new Falco Xplorer has been revealed.


april 2019

In Avio Aero's laboratories, even electromagnetic tests are carried out to ensure and certify that no external field can alter the engine's performance.

Federated Testing

march 2019

A team of European brains is accompanying GE's new turboprop engine towards its first flight, through a myriad of testing sensors and cables, advanced test rooms and a digital twin.

Back to the Future

february 2019

Travelling from one city to another or crossing megalopolis thanks to artificial intelligence, electric propulsion and hybridization is not just Sci-Fi for aviation professionals.

The Propeller Heads

january 2019

Two engineers, both eager pilots, inside the test facility that allows the most realistic flight simulation for the Catalyst engine, applying real components and weather conditions.

It's fire-proof

november 2018

It is not only a whole aero engine is tested, Aviation Industry demands that each and every single component passes the toughest tests to be allowed to fly.

Additive against FOD

october 2018

A new form of Engineering-Manufacturing collaboration takes an attractive shape thanks to the design for additive, right where the second Avio Aero additive facility is going to open soon. 

Sounds good!?

september 2018

Capture and analyse the sounds coming from inside an aircraft engine thanks to refined sensors and advanced prognostics systems to make the future of flight even safer and more reliable.

From a wrench to a tablet

july 2018

Digital transformation involves the way people work, their professions, and even their work tools, both in offices and in factories.

Once upon a time in a server

may 2018

A new technology is facilitating digital transformation in businesses and, despite sophisticated terms, it is much closer to our everyday lives than it seems.

Blade Runners 4.0

may 2018

Researchers at the Additive Repair Development Center in Bari are developing a second additive repair technique for aircraft engine turbines.

Gran Torino

april 2018

The Sangone Test Center, inside Mirafiori automotive kingdom, inaugurated two new test cells for engine modules powering A400M and Cessna Denali.

Digitally galvanized

march 2018

A new digital tool for one of the special processes performed at Rivalta allows operators, engineers and laboratory technicians to stay connected in daily work.

Brindisi goes 3D

march 2018

A new dedicated additive manufacturing facility in the south of Italy, it will build parts for the newly christened GE CatalystTM engine.

Tag and Follow

february 2018

This isn’t another social network for industry, but rather a new tool on Avio Aero’s path towards digitalization.

The sky in a room

december 2017

Unique test environments where the main ATP engine modules, including their 3D printed parts, are tested in flight before the whole engine test.

The giant of the forest

december 2017

In Polonia Aero's enormous testing laboratory, testing began on the turbine for the world’s largest commercial jet engine. 

German rigour, Italian brilliance

december 2017

Welcome to Bielsko-Biala, the Polish facility which is going through a game-changing technological evolution.

No Data, No Digital

november 2017

The joint efforts of IT and production professionals have proven that it takes time to become an industry 4.0, with much experimentation, development and learning along the way.

The future uncovered

november 2017

One of the most ambitious and impressive research program for a green aero engine becomes reality with engine’s ground test running.

Ever more Brilliant

october 2017

The advance of digitalization continues within Avio Aero’s factories, thanks to IT teams working in tandem with manufacturing specialists.

Blade Runners

october 2017

Take a look inside this factory 3D printing jet engine parts.

No smoking guns

september 2017

The first repair using groundbreaking additive techniques through a special gun has already been performed, inside a University Campus.

Give me your eyes

august 2017

Smart glasses, experimentally developed inside the Avio Aero Services area, are opening a new chapter in the industrial digitalization.

The silent revolution

august 2017

Less complexity, costs, wasted material and noise, additive manufacturing in aviation and other industries is optimistically looking ahead to the future, counting on a present that already makes history.

Made in NaPoland!

july 2017

Clean, efficient and robotized, the new lines for the LEAP program in Pomigliano and Bielsko-Biała are astonishing and they’re ready to face the challenge of a striking market demand.

Open Sesame!

july 2017

The first additive repair techniques under development in Italy’s Apulia Region are already being adopted in the factory – such as in Brindisi, where one special machine does the job of three.

Brilliant Brindisi

april 2017

Work and industrial processes keep on transforming, as step by step the aviation industry becomes more and more intelligent.

Changing the way

march 2017

There’s a special team working on our digital transformation and evolution, generating ideas and collecting data that will change the way we work.

Da Vinci Code 2.0

february 2017

How 3D printing and digital technologies are altering the face of aircraft engine manufacturing in Italy

The gearbox of the future

january 2017

The mechanical transmission for a revolutionary rotorcraft is our Engineers’ mission in relation to the most ambitious research project.

Start your engine

january 2017

La test cell partenopea è pronta per accogliere diverse configurazioni motori grazie a un brillante restyling operativo e funzionale.

Italian Additive Lab

november 2016

Avio Aero opened the first laboratory dedicated to the development of repair procedures for aviation engine components using additive technologies

Work-Tools on demand

september 2016

The Avio Aero ‘Project Integrators’ pilot project is now fully operative also in Brindisi and Pomigliano.

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