Revolutionary Catalyst

june 2020

Why the European turboprop engine, with its advanced stage of development is a leap in performance quality and a game changer in the aviation sector.

Catalyst, integration at first sight

may 2020

GE Aviation’s first European-born engine has completed integration tests with MT Propeller, creating a new chapter of an increasingly exciting story.

Aviation can heal

march 2020

While passenger air transport is suffering worldwide, a sector made up of worthy people is analyzing the phenomenon and working to ensure aid, rescue, transport and security. 

Bavaria meets Salento

january 2020

At the Wet Rig in Brindisi, the preliminary integration tests for the GE Catalyst with the propeller made by MT Propeller and dedicated to military applications have been kicked off.

Billion Dollar Baby

january 2020

2020 opens with a new record and a reflection on the purpose and responsibility of Avio Aero sustainable growth path, by a leader who is quite familiar with the company and the industry.

Hi-tech propulsion

october 2019

Avio Aero technology for a number of engine components in the PW800 family by Pratt & Whitney Canada offers even greater innovation on board the latest generation jets.

12 star propellers

october 2019

The best European propeller manufacturer is the most accredited to equip GE’s Catalyst for military applications, thanks to a collaboration agreement and a unique product.

Tempest, a signature for the future

september 2019

Signing the Statement of Intent between the leading companies for the Italian-English defense new axis, Avio Aero at the forefront of the European military programs of the future.

The Salento hub

september 2019

Avio Aero Brindisi is going to become the fifth global hub dedicated to the service of the commercial engine that has so far accumulated a total of in-flight hours equal to 950 years.

41,000 feet above the sky

august 2019

It is full thrusters for the tests on the new GE Catalyst engine, which has reached an altitude of 41,000 feet, in preparation for its official maiden flight.

Ready, Steady…3D print it!

july 2019

Additive production for the Catalyst engine has started in Brindisi, this is the culmination of worldwide collaboration that is revolutionizing how the factory works.

The Paris Jackpot

june 2019

The air show in Le Bourget ended with electrifying outcomes for both Avio Aero and GE: from military and commercial engines, helicopters, up to the European commitments for the future.

Paris je t’aime

june 2019

Avio Aero's new products and technologies, 100 years of GE Aviation and many other surprises just few days before the 53rd Paris International Air Show grand opening.

GE’s Catalyst for Drones

april 2019

The brand-new turboprop engine is making its debut in business and general aviation, but a military version of this revolutionary engine technology is much more than just an idea.

Cameri gets bigger

march 2019

The next generation of additive machines are already installed at the factory of the future in Cameri, to 3D print turbine blades for the new GE9X engine and to continue expansion.

Grand Total

january 2019

Boeing pairs the world’s largest twin-engine commercial airplane with the world’s largest jet engine including its likewise record-breaker turbine.

Mechanical jewelry

december 2018

The first transmission kit produced in Italy for the next generation of civil helicopters, including sophisticated technology to ensure reliability and unique performance.

The Millionaire

november 2018

The Eurofighter Typhoon, also known as the European defense backbone, reaches the historical milestone of 500,000 flight hours, or one million for its supersonic engines.

Fast and furious

october 2018

Not just a helicopter, not even an airplane, the RACER is the fastest in its category, capable of vertical take-off and landing, thanks to the latest technology and tremendous partnerships.

That's volare

september 2018

A story of industrial transformation, legendary vehicles and brilliant engineers, handed down to present times by the designers and producers of pure ‘Made in Italy’ airplanes, even unmanned ones.

England, start your engines

july 2018

What World Cup? What Wimbledon? Aviation’s Own Grand Slam Event Is Starting On Monday In Farnborough, England.

Limitless LEAP

july 2018

Just two years after the start of operation, one thousand engines have already been assembled for the program that is breaking all records and testing the mettle of the production teams in Italy and Poland.

CSI Aviation

june 2018

Investigations carried out by specialized engineers and technicians, who seek for the reasons of failures and damages happened to aircraft engines, are almost as infallible as a black-box.

Additive for the airlines

april 2018

Maintenance and repair techniques based on additive technologies are ready for the airlines inside Avio Aero repair stations, after the development and certifications phases inside Avio Aero labs.

The magnificent seven

march 2018

A shining model of intercontinental cooperation based on advanced engineering is taking shape on one of the most anticipated engines.

The supersonic flight goes on

february 2018

The EJ200 program achieves a distinguished milestone with a special delivery for the Italian Air Force.  

Behemoths of the sea

january 2018

In the places where the most imposing military vessels are built, including the first PPA, equipped with the most powerful of gas turbines.

Flying without pilots

december 2017

Avio Aero takes up the challenge by discussing the future of unmanned aircraft and by hosting the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference at its headquarters.

The Heli Specialist

november 2017

Have a look inside the Leonardo Elicotteri plant, discovering one of the most long-running and high-tech collaborations for Avio Aero.

ATP gets fresh

november 2017

Among the 3D printed components that make this engine unique, one of them, or actually three, integrate high tech and thermal capabilities into a very small space.

Long live the LEAP

september 2017

Three core components of the brand-new CFM engine will be revised and repaired at Avio Aero's service shops.

3D printed engines, possible!

july 2017

The development of the most promising new generation turboprop engine, making extensive use of additive manufacturing, is conceived in Europe and is already hunting for records.

Facts and figures

july 2017

A week after the end of the aviation industry's most important event, impressive figures to which GE contributed with its orders and commitments.

Et voilà!

june 2017

The helicopter of the future, built by Airbus Helicopters for the Clean Sky 2 program and including our latest-generation technologies, was finally unveiled at Paris Air Show.

Great opening at PAS

june 2017

First day of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget with impressive results for GE Aviation on the wing of enthusiasm.

A magic Spray

june 2017

Our engineers and technicians have developed a service process with major operational benefits for airlines, all thanks to the thermal spray.

Power at sea

may 2017

Seven thousand tons sailing at up to 27 knots, thanks to the turbines Avio Aero installs on the FREMM vessels.

One thousand and counting...

april 2017

Celebrated, at Torino Caselle airport, the five hundredth Typhoon and the thousandth EJ200 delivered to the Italian Air Force.

Even the Navy flies... with us!

april 2017

The Italian Navy has received the first MH-90 helicopter in tactical transport version for its 5th Helicopter Group.

Avio Aero goes for the double

april 2017

The modules for the second engine to test in the GE9X program have been delivered, and work is pressing ahead on the next modules for dispatch to the USA.

Side by side with heroes

march 2017

Our Brindisi Service team supports the helicopter engines of several Italian armed forces, including the Police Force in Abruzzo.

And the challenge goes on

february 2017

Our customer EPI has congratulated us on the improvements made to our gearboxes and asked us to keep up the good work.

A LEAP for Avio Aero

january 2017

An unprecedented commitment for the company’s facilities in Europe for the launch of their latest programme to support CFM engines for medium-range aircrafts.

Problem solvers at work

november 2016

The challenge posed by the largest power transmission ever created in the western world.

Old but gold.
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