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The Security Month

For some time there has been a compliance calendar in almost all offices and work areas of Avio Aero. Each month is associated with a specific topic and September is designated as "Security & Crisis Management" month. So, what better time than this month to meet Carl Goodison? For the last three years, Carl has been in charge of Global Security for GE Aviation and he benefits from 30 years' experience in the security field at international level. We met him in Rivalta and asked him some questions (check the video interview at the bottom). 

Carl, how would you describe your role and your mission in Aviation?
I lead a group of experienced security professionals in order to protect the employees’ resources and operations for GE Aviation worldwide. Everyone is probably very familiar with the traditional security roles that we have in terms of physical security, investigations, and our work around defense and regulatory programs, the management of those programs. In addition to that, we focus very heavily on crisis management and business continuity planning, to ensure we can manage through disruption in our business. And then finally, we do a lot of risk and data analysis to identify emerging trends in the security world, so that we can align security resources properly. And one of the emerging areas that we see and focus on is intellectual property protection, and that’s finding those aspects of our business that give us a competitive advantage, and applying security resources to protect those.

In your opinion, what is the best way for employees to cooperate and support your work?
We’re a small security team in a very large company, so we really count on everybody to help us identify those concerns that they have and that circle around security or that involve security resources, so that we can better assist them in feeling comfortable, coming to work safely and enjoying the work environment.

How are security and compliance connected in your opinion? 
Security and Compliance are complementary functions, and the reason I say that is because there’s a regulatory component to Security in what we do. Interestingly enough, on the compliance calendar September is “Security and Crisis Management” month, and in that regard we are highlighting our security concerns and reporting. And everyone should be seeing and hearing more about this from their Business Compliance Leader this month. 

What impression did you have when you visited the Avio Aero offices and what message do you have for the people who work there? 
I’m very excited to be in Italy and I’ve received a very warm reception. To me, understanding and learning about Avio Aero centers around meeting the people. And I’ve been very impressed about what I’ve seen as far. As a final message, I would say that our Global Security team is here to serve you and we look forward to hearing from you and hearing about your concerns, so that we can make sure that we address them properly.