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Simplification continues to fly high

The company began 2015 with a total of fifteen simplification initiatives undertaken by different Avio Aero teams. These were featured in Goals of the Week, the now-famous newsletter used to publish names and to share projects or small-scale initiatives aimed at simplifying work.
Simplification is the watchword for 2015. It is a way of keeping up motivation, eliminating activities and working practices that have no added value, and reducing waste of all kinds. There’s nothing complex about it, in fact it’s the perfect antidote to complexity.

Vince Kinman, who led the Simplification team from the acquisition through to the whole of last year, left Rivalta in late December last year to embark on a new career at GE Aviation as Global Supply Chain Cost Leader. He has been replaced as Simplification Leader by Margherita Bertinotti, who has also worked as Program Director for customers Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell since 2013.
Thanks to her professional profile, Margherita has an in-depth knowledge of production activities at Avio Aero and an even greater understanding of relations with major customers. As part of her mission of continuing the ongoing Simplification approach at Avio Aero, she is well aware that “Simplification doesn’t mean working harder or making life complicated by undertaking special projects. It means making our work faster and less rigid and bureaucratic, thinking up ideas that facilitate our working lives. It must become a necessity, a mantra.”
As the first step in her new role, Margherita identified 3 starting points for simplification ideas in keeping with the key goals of our business. Each of these ideas is linked to one or more Beliefs.

All of us work to deliver products or offer services or support to a customer, whether external or internal. This is the key to the first point, which is connected to the Beliefs “Customers determine our success” and “Stay lean to go fast”. “When we think about how to make our work easier, we think about what makes us fast and responsive in the eyes of the people who appreciate our work more than anyone else: our customers, who want reliable answers quickly,” Margherita explained.
“Simplification is not something that involves only a few areas or activities closely related to production. Each department and the people working there can make their own contribution.” The second input, linked to the Belief “Empower and inspire each other”, sees simplification as an inter-departmental benefit that extends to everyone within the company. It is a benefit that must be shared with colleagues.

Last but not least, we all need to improve and simplify our work constantly. “There is always margin for improvement in our day-to-day work in keeping with the rules of Quality, Ethics and Compliance.”
The Simplification team will continue to be made up of Jessica Dotto and Cristina Mariola, who together with the Council (the constantly expanding group of contact persons divided up by areas and departments) will provide support and consulting to implement and promote awareness of the Simplification initiatives. But the most important thing is to receive everyone’s ideas and contributions!

Be the next person to make your work simpler. Are you in?!