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It took about two years to develop one of the world’s most advanced facilities for testing low-pressure turbines for aircraft engines.. In the recent months in about we have described the development of the Cold Flow Test Facility in Zielonka. Now that the work has been completed, our colleagues are concentrating on the final plant commissioning phase with enormous enthusiasm in anticipation of the operational activities involved in turbine testing. We met Robert Boroch, responsible for build-up of the facility and Plant Leader at Polonia Aero, Krzysztof Mielnicki, engineer responsible for maintenance of electrical systems, and Filip Sęk, the Test Engineer. We asked them some questions and discovered their enormous motivation and expectations about the challenges of the future.
Robert, what’s going on now, which activities and test are you carrying on?What’s the current situation here at Cold Flow in Zielonka? We have entered the last and the most important phase of commissioning, the preparations for dynamic testing. In the moment our people together with specialists from the Avio test center in Sangone are installing the test article in the test bed. Just after the installation is completed we will start our first commissioning test campaign. After the successful completion of dynamic commissioning the project will reach the end.
What’s the development perspective for Polonia Aero? We are a new company in startup phase. Our first target is to enter the market and offer professional service to all customers worldwide. This is the first and the most important step we are concentrating at. The goal is that in few years brand of Polonia Aero is well known for our customer satisfaction, professional service and good organization. 
What has been the hardest thing to deal with till now? When first time I came on construction site in August 2014 even not all the walls in the building were completed. As well as Polonia Aero operations structure was even not written on the paper. To choose the right and motivated team that is not afraid to face the challenge of doing something new was the hardest thing. Now we have more than twenty people working every day to develop our test facility and design department.
What does today Polonia Aero represent for you Polonia Aero represents for me the big challenge and the same time a great opportunity. Only few people I know had a chance to organize one company from scratch, and especially within such demanding industry as aviation. Polonia Aero for me are the people from Turin and Warsaw working hard together to reach common goal. It is a pleasure to lead and work within this creative environment. Thank you guys!
Filip, when did you start your exchange training with Sangone and what was it aimed at? I started my exchange training with Sangone early this year. It was aimed at getting prepared to my new role. It included familiarization with the test facility, understanding the main duties of the test engineer and how a cold flow test is performed. What is more – the first turbine to be tested in Polonia Aero was already there. We had to check and list existing instruments, manage installation of new sensors as well as supervise and coordinate manufacturing and delivery of the Test Article Adaptation Items which are all parts and components needed to install the tested turbine in test room.
Now what have you become?At the end of last year I became Test Engineer at Polonia Aero. The key responsibilities of such person are: supporting in preparation of a test campaign, guaranteeing execution of test activities, ensuring quality of test activities. 
What’s your major expectation from Polonia Aero? Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team and collaborate with a wide range of professionals all over the world, and possibility for professional development. 
What does today Polonia Aero represent for you? Polonia Aero represents to me a very interesting and unique project. We are considered to be one of the biggest and most modern facilities of that kind in the world. Working here is a great but challenging opportunity, giving enormous satisfaction.
Krzysztof, since when do you work in Polonia Aero? I work at Polonia Aero since May this year but I participated in the Lab construction since early beginning so I know the Lab structure very well.
You are part of the team that will live in Zielonka and work closely with the Test Facility, what’s your feeling about that? Object itself is incredible; I can't wait for the turbine tests to begin. Atmosphere with our team is amazing, I have a feeling that we are working together since very long time, not few months. We can rely on each other, which is very important for me. We share the feeling that success of our Laboratory depends on us, all employees of Polonia Aero. 
Which will be your role there? I'm the professional electrician and my main goal is closely related to my profession as I will be responsible for permanent power supply of the Lab into the electricity from the 110kV line, medium voltage, low voltage to the final equipment. At a same time, I'm also a member of the team responsible for turbines assembling and testing.
What’s the most challenging activity you’re going to execute? My goal is to participate into successful turbine assembling and testing. In order to achieve this goal and run whole process smoothly, our team has to be very concentrated and focused. After we get experience and move forward with following tests, I will think about new opportunities and challenges. 
What does today Polonia Aero represent for you? New technology, development, future. Everything which stands for "Imagination at work".