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Partnership gets off to a great start

Avio Aero's work on the new Airbus Helicopters H160 is proceeding at full speed. The medium twin-engine H160, which benefits from optimized performance and is built with technologically advanced materials, will replace the Dauphin line of helicopters and was undoubtedly the biggest news to come out of the Airbus Group pavilion at the latest air show in Le Bourget. The French-Deutsch company has focused much of its effort on this helicopter, and likewise the Avio Aero team working on the program is focused on delivering the best solutions to this historic customer. The second milestone (and there are another six until the project is successfully completed) was reached by following the product engineering schedule for the three accessory gearboxes (AGBs) under the responsibility of Avio Aero. This achievement confirms that our team has effectively secured the customer's trust, especially in terms of our ability to fall in line with its industrial and quality standards. By engineering and supplying the first three sets of prototypes, we have been able to invoice 41% of the total contracted value. We now face an important test of our reliability during the coming autumn months until December, ahead of the scheduled delivery of the first set of AGBs destined for the main gearbox, requested for the helicopter testing plan. To mark this latest milestone, we will have another opportunity to listen to the customer's comments and evaluations during the course of the partnership, so as to enable us to continuously improve our performance. "For the next sets required in the second half of 2016 we will have to supply fully compliant parts," said Stefania Migaldi, H160 Program Leader for Avio Aero. "This means that we have to complete our campaign of validating our special processes according to the customer's specifications. The task is already under way and requires close cooperation between the Avio Aero and Airbus Helicopters teams."