Technology & Digital Innovation

Avio Aero is on Predix

Gathering, analyzing, generating and sharing data with intelligent machines, with other GE industries or with customers in any part of the world… we have begun this process, in a similar way to how GE Aviation uses True Choice or the Fleet Support Centers in Asia and America, which monitor 35 thousand GE and CFM engines.
Avio Aero, beginning with its Pomigliano d’Arco plant, has already developed two “Proofs of concept”  apps which are changing our working methods and the way we organize our industrial activities: improving process and reducing the time needed for analysis and execution.

Se.M.Pre. (Service Manpower Predictor) and InventApp have both been created thanks to an excellent blend of features: the experience and expertise of Avio Aero’s technicians and engineers, combined with the computer skills of young thesis students at the IT Faculty of the University of Federico II in Naples. “A winning combination of the enthusiasm of youth and the competence of Supply Chain personnel in Pomigliano”, says Gianni Arbia, Pomigliano site Materials Leader, “Since the first mention of Predix and innovation, we have been on extremely fertile terrain.”
These are apps designed to solve the problems and complexities typical of manufacturing, applying the immense innovative benefits of digitalization to the simple consideration of operative requisites to be satisfied.
And so, in the CRO context, where over 400 parts and components of aviation engines are serviced and maintained, without the benefits of an MRP program (Material Requirement Planning, an application usually used on the so-called ‘new make’ parts), Giuseppe Bruno, from the GSC Workforce Analysis team, and the university research student Luca Fiadone developed the Se.M.Pre. app, based on java and working on Predix, which acts to gather and analyze the main data on work cycles and production forecasts. All in real time, shared and indexed for engines (GEnx, Trent900 and TP400, to mention just a few) or for operations to be performed.
The software is based on an algorithm which is capable of generating forecasts and work plans on a weekly basis, correlating data such as arrear hours, operations to be carried out and manpower availability.
InventApp, on the other hand, is focused on the age-old industrial issue of stock inventories, i.e. the flow of manufacturing materials moving through the factory. InventApp – created by Luigi Buonocore (Inventory Leader) and Francesco Espresso (KPI Leader), with the IT expertise of Guglielmo Triola (who based his degree thesis on InventApp) – makes it possible to calculate the efficiency indexes of stock supplies (Monthly Turns and Days in Inventory). The algorithm correlates data from various databases in order to supply beneficial information on materials sent and relative stocks, quickly and with great visual clarity and numerical precision.
“The experiment started at Pomigliano site is a positive indicator for both the Avio Aero and generally GE dynamics.” explains Francesco Del Greco, Avio Aero CIO. “The interest in the platform is pervasive, all the functions indeed are interested in understand how it works and how to leverage it in order to improve the business management. These two pilots clearly tell us which problems can be solved through advanced technological solutions and, at the same time, our customers can adopt these problem solving tools. So GE4GE is the step we’re taking towards a path of success where GE builds solutions for the customers. Several themes, as the information safety, the scalability and platforms sustainability, have still to be addressed: together with our predictive capability development, these are our next challenges”.
The GE industrial cloud reveals itself as an invaluable ally in guaranteeing the factories of Rivalta, Brindisi, Bielsko Biala, Borgaretto and Sangone the same benefits. And likewise with all GE factories involved in the same flows, and with every customer who wishes to monitor operations and work phases.