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In January and February, Benefit Day was celebrated in Pomigliano, Brindisi, Rivalta, Borgaretto, Sangone and Cameri, with great success: this is where employees get the chance to learn, directly and thoroughly, about all the company benefits that Avio Aero offers.
The event focused on a few issues of particular importance to employees, such as agreements (Corporate Benefits, a company that offers discounts and a wide range of products, portal: - registration code: innovazione), insurance coverage (, and employee services (EAP, Employee Assistance Program, Toll Free number: 800 788 034, website: - access code: GE).

Some representatives from Generali Assicurazioni also took part in the event, explaining what insurance coverage the Company drafted for employees, and how, starting on April 1st, 2016, the following will change:

Term Life Policy for Company Employees
Dread disease coverage

In case of death due to illness, meaning death due to clinically observable changes in health conditions, not as a consequence of an accident (which is covered by a different policy).
Insured sum
One and a half times the Gross Annual Income, meaning all fixed income elements for the purpose of calculating severance pay.
Accident coverage for Company employees
Coverage for occupational and non-occupational hazards
Occupational hazard
in case of death, 6 times the GAI*
in case of permanent disability, 7 times the GAI*.
No deductible applied on the percentage of disability determined.
Non-occupational hazard
in case of death, 3 times the GAI*
in case of permanent disability 3.5 times the GAI*.
*GAI means all fixed income elements for the purpose of calculating severance pay.
Twice the sum insured borne by the employee at the rate of 2%° of the gross annual income, subject to the employee's consent.
Refund of medical expenses: €7,500.00 for curative expenses and diagnostic testing, for both occupational and non-occupational accidents.
Among the various agreements with Generali, please remember the obligatory 40% discount on Vehicle Insurance. To learn more, please visit and access the Company and Employee Personal Area.

Here, you can access special services for employees, including:

-Bookings in direct service agreement for exams, diagnostic tests and specialist exams;
-Online reimbursement requests with tracking service, to learn the status of the procedures;
-Download the user manual, where all information on proper policy management can be found.