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From 1 January 2016, the Cardano Project will be up and running at our company. This issue's “about me”, dedicated to services and internal information for Avio Aero employees, provides a few explanations to help you understand how certain services will change. For the better.
The aim of Cardano is to modernise and simplify personnel administration services for Avio Aero employees, by putting them in the experienced and capable hands of Global Operations HR, the General Electric unit dedicated to these tasks. Cardano will also see the introduction of a new system for the management of business travels.
Personnel administration at General Electric comprises two services: HR Operations (HROps) and Pay&Benefits (P&B). A full range of information about personnel administration is available on a single online portal called the OneHR Portal.

The HR Operations section takes care of all requests for administrative support from staff, managers and HR managers, on subjects such as: maternity leave, sabbaticals, insurance policies, supplementary social security funds, company declarations and certifications, changes of civil status, applications for advances on severance pay, requests to archive documents or search for archived documents, and general information requests.
The system for accessing HR Operations is called GCRM (Global Customer Relationship Management). It's an IT tool that's capable of routing requests according to the necessary priorities and competencies in the various subject areas. GCRM also measures service quality in terms of punctuality and accuracy of answers. This enables the HR Operations team to identify possible areas for improvement and correct them accordingly. 
GCRM also allows service users to express their satisfaction by using an intuitive assessment system and entering a comment.
“Employee service, benefits,
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from 1st January 2016”

GCRM is operated by a GE team of personnel administration experts based in Florence and Milan. So GCRM should be seen as an interface for giving the right priority to all requests and ensuring that each case is taken charge of promptly and resolved effectively, regardless of whether an individual expert is present or not. From 1 January 2016, part of this team of experts will be dedicated entirely to Avio Aero.
The Pay&Benefits (P&B) area covers Payroll and Time&Attendance (T&A). This service is coordinated by the P&B team, which uses Accenture HR Services to fulfil its operational requirements. A wide range of services are available, including pay slip processing, management and reconciliation of timesheets, a contact centre for handling employee requests by email or telephone, online viewing of payslips, web service for managing timesheets and managing and communicating certain items of personal data such as IBAN and tax deductions.
All these services can be accessed from the OneHR portal, which contains all the necessary information, contact details and links. The Cardano Project also adopts new tools for planning business travel and subsequent reporting of expenses, which are already in use for all General Electric employees in Italy. More specifically: GETRES is a web and telephone service provided by GE for managing business travel bookings such as flights, hotels and car rental.
CONCUR is a digital tool for reporting travel expenses and calculating the respective indemnities.
These new services will come on-stream at the same time as the company adopts the GE Global T&L Policy in place of the business travel regulations currently in force. GETRES and CONCUR can both be accessed from the “OneHR Portal”.
These new tools will make business travel management a more autonomous process, partly by providing 24/7 access to business travel booking, reporting and consultation tools, including from home and by smartphone, without any need to log into the company network.
The adoption of the new GE Global T&L Policy will make the regulations governing business travel easier to understand and more uniform for all GE employees, with the exception of a few specific rules covering individual businesses.

There's a major new innovation aimed at staff on the shop floor: every Avio Aero plant will be equipped with IT workstations specifically for the purpose of accessing personnel administration services. Using the SSO recently assigned to each employee, all staff working on the shop floor will be able to forward requests to the HR Operations team and Accenture, send documentation, consult and print their electronic pay slip, consult their timesheet, request leave and holidays, and autonomously manage the reimbursement of business travel expenses.

 “Avio Aero Employees services
will be efficient and simple”

Avio Aero is a technologically advanced company, and as such, the Cardano Project meets its need to move forward and improve in every sphere of operation. The aim of the project is therefore improvement. This will be achieved by providing GE Aviation's employees in Italy with a service fulfilled by a team of GE experts, using technologically up-to-date tools that offer definite answers within specified timeframes, without long delays and reams of paperwork.
These services have been operational in all General Electric facilities in Italy for some time, and for Avio Aero managers since 1 January 2015, and training courses and instruction manuals on how to use them will be provided before their full launch on 1 January 2016. These tools currently serve about 8,000 of GE's 12,000 employees in Italy.
There are lots of new developments in store for the new year, all aimed at facilitating our work, speeding up processes and eliminating excess bureaucracy by means of clear rules and instructions.