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Culture Ambassadors…passionate forward-thinkers!

The Culture Ambassadors programme, designed to facilitate change at Avio Aero, which is acting as a pioneer for the whole GE Group, was launched on 21 May.
About 70 of our colleagues from sites in Italy and abroad hooked up with each other by teleconference for an initial familiarisation and work meeting. CEO, Riccardo Procacci, opened the proceedings on day one by setting out the company's expectations in relation to the programme and its participants. He was followed by Sandro De Poli, President and CEO of GE Italia and Israel, who gave us an overview of GE and its businesses. Pierfederico Scarpa then talked about growth and the future, highlighting how excellence is now an absolute pre-requisite for market growth, and Alfredo Marin emphasised the need to evaluate other work methods and examples that enable businesses to achieve their goals more quickly and effectively. On day two, Barbara Preti talked about success, Ilaria Romoli about developing talent and Debora Chiappero about Performance Development as a tool for growth.
Over the course of both days, the Culture Ambassadors examined the results of the Culture Survey, focusing chiefly on areas for improvement and identifying appropriate action to take, as well as taking active part in a Fastworks project.
New look for Cardano…
Cardano is a project aimed at harmonising and integrating certain important HR processes relating to management systems and services at Avio Aero: Services like HR Operations, Payroll, Time & Attendance and the Concur system for managing Travel and Living (T&L) expenses.

The new logo for the Cardano project was finalised in June. The three symbols represent the areas covered by the project:

-HR Operations
-Time & Attendance and Payroll
-Travel bookings and documenting travel expenses (Travel & Living)

The project team is continuing to work on integrating the current systems and processes with the new ones. In the next issue, we'll take a closer look at what the individual tools will enable us to do, and what our main role in the process will be