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Working for the engineers of the future

The University of Naples - Federico II, just as the University of Salento did at the end of May, has strengthened its long standing collaboration with Avio Aero by enhancing the educational program of its Mechanical Engineering courses with the manufacturing experience and know-how provided by our company.
Speaking at the presentation event, Avio Aero’s Director of Human Resources Barbara Preti commented: "Our collaboration with the University of Naples - Federico II has always been invaluable to our company, to the Campania region, and to the industrial sector as a whole. On this occasion in particular - she added - working together is crucially important because we are laying the foundations for the development of skills that are essential in facing the challenges of production in high tech sectors, including but not limited to the aeronautical industry. This is how the specializations needed for the future are created."
"Our collaboration with Avio Aero - remarked Professor Piero Salatino, President of the School of Polytechnic and Basic Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II - is a significant, but not incidental, illustration of the more general attention shown by the Federico II University’s School of Polytechnic and Basic Sciences towards reviewing its training courses. We start from the solid methodological and cultural foundations that have always characterized the training of engineers at this university, and take into account the changed needs of modern centers of production in terms of professional skills and competencies. These include broader cultural background and inter-disciplinary integration, renewed attentiveness towards the culture of innovation, better knowledge of corporate settings, and stronger problem solving skills,".
"In the everyday life of Avio Aero – stated Riccardo Procacci, Avio Aero’s President and CEO – the fourth revolution is beginning to take place within our Operations through what has been called the Brilliant Factory, namely a place of production capable of continuous self-improvement of its processes and products through real-time data collection, transmission and analysis. For this vision to become reality, we need to foster an ecosystem in which product designers, production engineers and plant operators work in constant dialogue and collaboration with each other, on platforms that can simulate virtually and digitally the production process and the product itself, without handling materials or machinery. Our educational models are therefore required to evolve at the same pace. The collaboration between Avio Aero and University of Naples - Federico II, with industry and academia working together, is a crucially important step which goes precisely in this direction, making a contribution to training the professionals who will make our industry great."

"Federico II is a very old university, one of the oldest in the world, which has been able to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge built by generations of highly qualified professors and researchers while maintaining a strong focus on innovating its education and training processes, stimulated by the urgings of the world of production and the feedback of so many illustrious alumni working in Italy and around the world. The partnership with Avio Aero is a tangible and flattering outcome of this process, and wholly consistent with the university’s commitment to developing the new paradigms of production for Industry 4.0," concluded Prof. Gaetano Manfredi, Dean of the University of Naples - Federico II.
The features of the new Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering for Design and Production make the course particularly interesting for every area of advanced manufacturing, and not just the aeronautical industry. The activities carried out in collaboration with Avio Aero will include, among other things, classroom seminar presentations, workshops, placements, and degree theses. Other speakers at the presentation event included Prof. Luigi Carrino - President of CIRA and of the Campania Aerospace District, Prof. Antonio Moccia - Director of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Naples - Federico II, Prof. Antonio Langella - Coordinator of the Master’s Degree course in Mechanical Engineering for Design and Production, and Mr. Gaetano De Chiara - Frame & Combustor Chief Manufacturing Engineering at Avio Aero.