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The many faces of R&D

When we talk about aeronautical research, the first thing that comes to mind is the European Clean Sky programme, a public/private partnership involving the European Commission and the European aeronautical industry. Avio Aero obviously has a front line role in this work.
Our company is in fact taking part in two specific Clean Sky projects involving SAGE, the acronym for “Sustainable and Green Engines”.
For the SAGE 2 project – centred on a Geared Open Rotor demonstration model, with the French company Safran Aeroengine as the lead –we designed and built the low pressure turbine and the gearbox.
For the SAGE 4 project – a Geared Turbo Fan demonstration model with the German MTU as the lead – we produced a power gearbox and the test bench on which it will be tested.
This required a sizeable commitment, yielding significant results, certainly having a lasting impact on our research in the next few years, especially as our success on the first project has won us an important role in the Clean Sky 2 programme (the second phase of the overall European green engine research programme which started in 2014): the design of an entire engine demonstration model!
Many colleagues, especially in Engineering, together with partners and suppliers, have contributed to the success of these projects. We met 9 of the people involved in the power gearboxes part of the project: Marco, Michele, Giulio, Federico, Alberto, Elio, Giuseppe, Luca and Enrico, who  told us about their field experience in a striking video. Our colleagues were interviewed in front of the cameras for “About”, describing what this project meant for them, the team, and obviously for everyone at Avio Aero.