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Masters of propulsion

At the end of May, the University of Salento and Avio Aero presented a new course in “Advanced Manufacturing and Operations Management” as part of the University’s Master’s Degree in “Management Engineering”. This new course has been conceived through the collaboration between the academic world and our own industrial reality. It will be activated in the coming 2016/2017 Academic Year, another result of the decades-long collaboration between the University and Avio Aero.
Speaking at the presentation were Barbara Preti, Fabrizio Torta and, via a video message, our CEO Riccardo Procacci.  
“I’m really proud of the collaboration between our company, the University and local institutions”, said Barbara Preti. "It’s thanks to partnerships like this that it becomes possible to cultivate the skills necessary to face manufacturing challenges in high-tech sectors like aviation. Specializations like this are the key to the future.”
“The collaboration between Avio Aero and the Salento University has developed through numerous shared initiatives focused on improving industrial processes and on the training and identification of talents in line with the expertise required by the company – underlined Alfredo Anglani, President of the Academic Council for “Industrial Engineering”. In Italy today, this new course is the first in the country to offer students broad and specific training options in the field of advanced manufacturing.”
“The world is evolving at an astonishing speed”, added Riccardo Procacci. “Digitalization, industrial internet... these things are rewriting the paradigms on which industry is based, thanks to the ability to connect machines and people, and the possibility this offers of generating productivity in industry. Our educational models have to evolve at the same speed. Specialization and polyhedral thinking are no longer opposing alternatives: on the contrary, their combination is becoming the real model. And we are only at the beginning of this process of transformation, whose implications we can still perhaps imagine but certainly not fully understand. The inauguration of this new Degree Course is an extraordinarily important step in precisely this direction: a concrete contribution to training advanced professionals for the future. Professional figures who will enhance Italian industry.”
“This is a virtuous experience, in which the dialogue between University and business is two-directional and in which respective areas of responsibility have been confronted constructively. We can expound the value of this in the discussions taking place within the working group on “Professionalizing Degrees” in the CRUI (Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities) Observatory on University-Business ”, concluded Rector Vincenzo Zara.
The collaboration with UniSalento, however, is not our only initiative of this kind in Puglia. Avio Aero and the Bari Polytechnic are preparing the creation of a new laboratory – the Apulia Development Centre for Additive Repair – devoted to developing repair procedures for aircraft engine components employing innovative technologies based on laser systems. The repairs procedures developed and optimized in the laboratory will subsequently be industrialized, as from 2018, in our factory in Brindisi, to be used for repairing components in service, thus prolonging the lifetime of aircraft engines. This new activity will require 10 additional researchers, who will be added to the 40 already active in the Energy Factory Bari (EFB).