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The Festival of Innovation 2015, held in Bari from 21 to 23 May, was a showcase of high-performance and innovative installations of prototypes and products and offered visitors a hands-on experience of innovation. The festival was organized by ARTI on behalf of the Puglia Regional Government (Area of Policies for Economic Development, Employment and Innovation – Department of Economic Development), as part of a project co-financed by the European Union entitled “Alliance between research and business for Smart Puglia – Operating Program for the final stage of the ILO2 Project”.
The institutions and participating companies organized entertaining and interactive multimedia activities based on five social challenges: Sustainable cities and territories; Health, well-being and socio-cultural trends; Sustainable energy; Creative industry and cultural development; Food safety and sustainable agriculture. 
The 3-day program featured workshops, experimental laboratories, conferences, shows and interactive exhibitions. All exhibits were carefully assessed by a committee made up of the organizers of the festival based on criteria of originality, ability to engage visitors and offer entertainment, and clarity of the description. Avio Aero is present in Puglia with its Brindisi production site, a partnership and laboratory with the University of Salento, and Energy Factory Bari (EFB, the multidisciplinary integrated laboratory devoted to the development of innovative technologies for the aerospace and energy sectors in partnership with Bari Polytechnic), and took part in the festival through its researchers.
Experts from Bari Polytechnic and Avio Aero presented the main results of the research activities and discussed the methods and approach adopted in developing new ideas and solving problems for the aeronautical, naval and oil & gas sectors.
Visitors to the EFB stand at the Festival of Innovation had a chance to discover the laboratory and our company through a series of videos and images. They also got a close-up view of the innovative technologies developed and were able to observe the prototypes of devices for generation and conversion of electrical power and find out more about the application context in which they are to operate.
One sector in which the EFB laboratory is particularly active is that of the development of electrical systems for the propulsion of unmanned aircraft. With this in mind, during the festival the EFB stand displayed a supercharger assembly for aeronautical diesel engines consisting of an electrical machine that generates 5 kW of power at 50,000 rpm entirely designed by EFB researchers.
Another sector in which the technologies developed in the EFB laboratory have been applied is that of renewable energy, one of the core themes of the show. The EFB researchers displayed a mock-up of a ducted wind turbine installed on a floating platform for off-shore installations. Developed as part of a research project currently being carried out in partnership with the University of Reggio Calabria, the proposed wind power generation system combines advanced marine engineering technology, turbomachinery and electrical and control systems.
Several other prototypes and models of systems under study at the EFB laboratory were presented on screens at the stand. In particular, calculation and modeling tools used in the design stages were displayed on a computer to give visitors an idea of the level of expertise attained by the laboratory in the field of electrical energy conversion systems for aeronautical and terrestrial applications.
“Attendance was higher than expected, with representatives of the public administration, business leaders, professionals, researchers and students all taking part during the three days of the event,” commented Giuseppe Giliberti, Engineering-Technology Program Leader of EFB. “The EFB stand attracted a great deal of interest both for its technical content and for the partnership between industry and university. The meeting with researchers from other companies operating in the Puglia region was another important opportunity for visitors. We would like to thank the EFB staff for their cooperation and hard work during the three days of the festival, when they took turns at the stand to guarantee that at least 2 or 3 people were always present while ensuring the least possible impact on ongoing activities.”