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Guests at the gulf of poets

Seafuture & Maritime Technologies was held May 24-27 at La Spezia, inside the 5 thousand sqm of exhibition area at the Italian Naval Base Arsenal. This is the most important industry trade fair in the country, with a strong international appeal: over 115 exhibitors and 26 navy delegates from all over the world.
The goal of Seafuture is to guide the network of players in this sector (companies, institutions and armed forces) and act as a hub for business and technical and scientific discussion.
On the evening of May 24th, the event was officially inaugurated, with some of the highest offices of the State and Italian armed forces: the Italian Undersecretary of State for Defense, the Hon. Domenico Rossi; the Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy, Vice Admiral Giuseppe De Giorgi; the president of the Port Authority of La Spezia and the Ligurian District of Maritime Technologies, Lorenzo Forcieri. As well as delegates of foreign navies, including Japan, France, South Africa and Brazil. The maritime sector is one of the most dynamic leading systems of the Italian economy: it contributes nearly 40 million Euros to Italy’s GDP (2.6% of the total) and employs 2% of the workforce in our country.

Avio Aero–always a partner of the Italian Navy and some of the most prestigious navies in the world, such as the US, Canadian and Venezuelan navies—was present at the exhibition with their own stand. Renowned for their selection of entire propulsion systems of the LM2500 family of gas turbines, as well as maintenance and servicing carried out at the Brindisi center of excellence, at Seafuture our company met and found the most important stakeholders, mostly from the navy world.
Indeed, at Seafuture, in additions to stands and companies, some of the famous ships of the Italian national fleet were also on display: Maestrale-class units, Soldato-class units, Minerva-class units, the Palinuro training ship, and the latest generation battleship, Caio Duilio, equipped with two LM2500 gas turbines.
The event’s program also included various conferences and seminars that ranged from the future of military logistics to new technologies, dual-use, retrofitting and recycling opportunities, marine robotics.
As for new technologies, May 27th was the day of the workshop entitled “Additive Manufacturing:  the new industrial revolution?” where our colleagues also took part in, invited to explain and discuss this new technology we pioneered.