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Closer to schools

Having signed up to the “Natural..mente Scuola” project with the Regione Puglia, Avio Aero has now opened its doors to High Schools in Campania, Piedmont and Puglia with the “Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro” joint school/work project promoted by Italy’s MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research).

Within various initiatives covered by the Ministry’s new “alternating school and work” program, our various facilities have welcomed adolescents from local schools, encouraging them to follow their passions and start to acquaint themselves with the realities of employment, orientating their ideas and reinforcing their motivations for study.
In Campania, students from the Fermi-Gadda Technical Institute of Naples visited our factory in Pomigliano on March 5th for the third and last encounter in the project titled “Studying business, the business of studying”, promoted by the Regione Campania, the “Il Mattino” newspaper and the Naples Industrialists Union.
During the visit, the pupils were first shown around the Combustors area, and then the Blades area, guided by the two respective area chiefs, Mario Balestrieri and Raffaele Crispo, and then visited the TJ1 Test Center, where Francesco Gaudino, a Pomigliano Testing Engineer, explained how the aircraft engines are tested. The encounter with Daniela D’Ambrosio, Pomigliano HR Manager, served to increase understanding of the new professional profiles needed by Avio Aero, and to stimulate awareness on the subject of future employment and studies. The visit turned out to be an interesting opportunity for reinforcing information acquired at school: pupils from the Fermi-Gadda Institute now have a clearer idea about what it means to work in an aviation company.
In Piedmont too, Avio Aero has planned and organized various guided visits for third year classes from partner schools in the Regional project: the Carlo Grassi, Amedeo Avogadro and Lindberg Technical Industrial Institutes in Turin. Our Rivalta plant has already welcomed pupils from the Avogadro ITS for three initial visits on May 4th, 5th and 6th, with different classes visiting each day. The young visitors had the opportunity to learn about technologies, manufacturing processes and company organization. The experience evidently stimulated them, and benefited many in terms of orientation and contact with professional realities in their fields of interest.

Our Brindisi facility has also opened its doors, in this case to students from the third year of the Enrico Fermi Technical Industrial Institute in Francavilla Fontana, allowing six 17 year-old pupils to acquire 40 hours of experience in the world of employment and industrial aviation technology.

All this in the context of the “alternating school-work” initiative, whose goal is to encourage integration between the theoretical world of study and the practical world of industry.  This has helped schools establish more contact with the outer world, allowing young students the opportunity to evaluate and understand their personal leanings while combining school training with employment experience. Three of these students decided to tell us about themselves and their “first experience in the field”. 

They were accompanied for a whole week by colleagues acting as tutors, immersed in all kinds of aspects of company life and work. An important experiential advantage for tomorrow’s professionals, who thus acquired a significant knowledge of industrial manufacturing practice. We observed their reactions especially in their eyes, full of curiosity and dreams: click to watch the video interviews with Antonio, Alessandro and Giovanni.