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This easily deserves the opening of this page, just because it concerns us so closely: Finmeccanica signed the contract to supply 28 Eurofighter Typhoons to Kuwait, in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement with Italy. This is the largest contract ever signed by Finmeccanica, as the CEO and General Manager Mauro Moretti was quick to point out.
The agreement also includes upgrades for the infrastructure in Kuwait - necessary to the operation of the aircraft - and supplies in the sectors of logistics, operational support, and training of flight crews and ground staff, which will be run in collaboration with the Italian Air Force.
Remarkable, then, are the projected benefits in terms of know-how and skilled employment for the whole chain of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises that are active in the Security and Defense sector.

Good news for Airbus too, who completed the maiden flight of the first A321neo equipped with LEAP-1A engines by CFM International. The A321neo will join the NEO aircraft fleet for flight testing and will run a partial flight test program designed to assess its impact on handling, performance and systems.
The first A321neo will be delivered at the end of 2016. It’s the largest member of the A320neo Family and includes a host of innovations, including latest generation engines, Sharklet wingtip devices, and improvements at the cabin level that, together, will help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% by 2020. The flight test campaign for the A320neo has totaled around 1,900 flight hours in more than 640 flights since the first one, on September 25, 2014.
And how is Boeing doing? Certainly not sitting on the sidelines watching! The US giant delivered the 400<sup>th</sup> Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft to the low cost Irish airline company Ryanair, which thus becomes the airline company that operates the largest fleet of 737-800 NG in the world. To date, Ryanair has over 130 unfilled orders for new generation 737-800 and is also the launch customer for the Boeing B-737 MAX 200, the new member of the MAX 737 family. The carrier ordered one hundred 737 MAX 200 airplanes, a variant based on the success of the B-737 MAX 8, which can seat up to 200 people and can increase earning potential, giving the airlines an improved fuel efficiency per seat of up to 20%, thus making it, in this regard, the best single-aisle aircraft on the market.