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Such a great team!

In the previous issue of about, we discussed the GE9X program in which Avio Aero is responsible for the accessory drive train, the Fan Hub Frame, and is the Module Owner of the low-pressure turbine (LPT). Between the second half of December and the first half of January, the LPT components - such as the rotor parts, blades, stators, shrouds and casing manufactured at the Avio Aero plants and by our two RSP (Risk Revenue Sharing Partners, IHI and SNECMA) - all arrived at our Pomigliano plant for the final assembly.

Three months after the last update, we can finally announce that Avio Aero was able to deliver the first module of the LPT for the GE9X to Evendale, on time for the First Engine to Test.

Roberto Marrone, the GE9X Manufacturing leader for Avio Aero told us: “The results are nothing short of remarkable considering that delivery was made five days before the drop date (deadline - Ed.), which was agreed upon with GE Aviation, thus allowing the GE team in Evendale to go ahead with assembling the engine without further delay.”
This success is two-fold if we consider that barely two weeks before the team of CRO&Assembly also had to assemble and deliver another module, which was just as important, for the GE9X engine: the Fan Hub Frame.
The entire team and the various players involved in this project celebrated this great success with an event marking completion of works, held on February the 2nd in Pomigliano, on the occasion of shipping the module for the LPT to Evendale.
We received many accounts and confirmations of the excellent work carried out at all the Avio Aero plants from our American colleagues at Avio Aero, such as Rick Amato, Avio Aero Executive NPI Leader, who, while some of our colleagues were visiting GE Aviation in Evendale, said: “The success of the team was truly remarkable and started with great collaboration between Engineering and the Supply Chain and continued as the Avio Aero shops, the partners (IHI and SN) and the many suppliers each showed their strength at manufacturing and quality.  In the end the assembly shops established a path to success even when there was some doubt due to normal NPI challenges and late part arrival. The dedication and the culture to achieve success was always evident.   Every corner presented new challenges and the team worked hard to break down every obstacle for Customer On Time Delivery protecting the GE9X FETT schedule. NPI is truly delivering in an uncertain world."
From the Evendale team, instead, Ashley Havera, GE9X Executive Manufacturing Programs for GE Aviation, commented: “I’m very impressed with the capability of the Avio Aero team and their ability to deliver the first GE9X LPT in support of the GE9X FETT engine.  This was the first LPT module build Avio Aero has done for a new engine program.  The team worked across several organizations and revenue share partners while using best practices from their sister plants in the US to ensure an on time delivery to meet the overall engine test schedule.  Thank you to the Avio Aero team for their hard work and dedication to the 9X program.  The 9X program looks forward to many more successes and milestone achievements with the Avio Aero team.
Meanwhile, work on this engine of the future continues unabated at all of our plants, in view of the next finish line to cross: delivery of the Second Engine to Test (SETT), which has even tougher requirements in terms of performance. But, like our team says: “We'll be ready and raring to go!”

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