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MAXimum reliabilty in flight

Even before its (now imminent) official debut, the LEAP engine, successor to the best selling CFM56, is already the civil aviation sales champion. One of the four Boeing 737 Maxused for the flight tests, equipped with the LEAP-1B version, was on display at the last Farnborough air show.

Historically an integral part of the CFM56 program, Avio Aero is now a key partner for the LEAP engines, and is responsible for producing the Low Pressure Turbine third, fourth and fifth stage stator blades, the disk for the fifth stage and the LPT case. For these two components Avio Aero, as well for the three LPT nozzle Stages, Avio Aero is the exclusive designer too. The production takes place at the plants in Rivalta di Torino, Bielsko Biala (Poland), Brindisi and Pomigliano d’Arco; at the latter, Avio Aero will produce the combustion chamber specifically for the 1B version, and, from this month, will test the whole engine in the huge testing room at the foot of Vesuvius where the great GEnx was also tested.

We have had the incredible opportunity of seeing the Boeing 737 Max up close and of discussing the LEAP-1B engine with two of the main ambassadors of this new and promising aircraft: Keith Leverkuhn, Vice President & General Manager of the 737 Max, and the pilot responsible for the flight tests, Ed Wilson. Click on the video below to see the exclusive interview for Avio Aero.