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Fastworks and collaboration

The end of May was packed with appointments, especially for our colleagues at the Rivalta facility. In particular, a visit from Colleen Athans in the second to last week of May saw the participation of practically the entire Turin Global Supply Chain.
Colleen, vice president of the Global supply chain of GE Aviation, held a series of meetings with customers in Rivalta (in particular with Snecma), met the Avio Aero leadership team and people from the various factory departments, took part in the all hands meeting with technicians, engineers and workers, and met the young people taking part in the OMLP training program (Operations Management Leadership Program, which we discuss on this issue of the magazine).
Colleen was pleasantly surprised by the many improvements she observed during her visit. “I saw a number of whiteboards devoted to the CCC (cell control center),” she said. “This is a big step forward for the company.”  During her tour of the factory she noted that: “The teams all meet to determine the state of progress of the production stages and the levels of performance they are attaining in terms of safety, quality and delivery. This is another very important step forward in the way we work.” She then proceeded to comment on her visit.
“I saw a major improvement in our DPUs (defects per unit) and important plans for continuing to reduce them. It was very important to see the collaboration between the various Avio Aero departments: She concluded with the following words, including a comment on Fastworks, the part relating to the level of performance: “As everyone here is aware, it is most important that we find a way of working more quickly. We’re still behind with orders for many customers and with respect to too many of our products. We really must speed up. But I’m confident we’ll succeed thanks to the enthusiasm and experience of our people and all the progress that has been made.”
Lastly she commented on a subject close to her heart: “The OMLP (Operations Management Leadership Program) is a very important program at GE. It’s cross business and it’s the training program devoted to Operations management. People with big ambitions in the field of Operations would do well to take part in this program. It includes very interesting training courses and 3 job rotations of 8 months each, during which time you can really learn quickly. When you finish an OMLP you're in a much better position to tackle major challenges. I myself took part in the OMLP 32 years ago and I can confirm that it’s an excellent program.”