This is hot!

december 2017

A new lab dedicated to Combustion & Heat Transfer is born, thanks to the partnership between Avio Aero and the University of Florence.  

Among Europe's stars

january 2018

Engineering team from Avio Aero awarded for their sharp contributions to Europe’s ecofriendly future engines.

The green side of additive

october 2017

An European research project that is heavily inspired by ecology and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Engineers in overalls

june 2018

The digital transformation in complex industrial contexts is beneficial to the process, to work areas, and can even increase professionalism, or inspire new ones. 

3D printed engines, possible!

july 2017

The development of the most promising new generation turboprop engine, making extensive use of additive manufacturing, is conceived in Europe and is already hunting for records.

From Turkey!

september 2017

Women in tech are not only working on complex products, they also tell inspiring stories made of role, life and habits changes.

And the award goes to….

march 2017

Even this year the ERD 2017 was a great recognition event for our most creative and brilliant minds.

Digitally galvanized

march 2018

A new digital tool for one of the special processes performed at Rivalta allows operators, engineers and laboratory technicians to stay connected in daily work.

Changing the way

march 2017

There’s a special team working on our digital transformation and evolution, generating ideas and collecting data that will change the way we work.

Limitless LEAP

july 2018

Just two years after the start of operation, one thousand engines have already been assembled for the program that is breaking all records and testing the mettle of the production teams in Italy and Poland.

The 3Dreamers

september 2018

Meet the generation of aviation design engineers who are thinking differently thanks to a disruptive technology and an amazing attitude.

Old but gold.
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