Allied to grow

february 2018

The kick-off event for the GLBTA hub, introduced for the first time by the new Hub Leader of Avio Aero.

Celebrating Pride

july 2018

Five events across Italy participated by the GE Affinity Groups and the allies, including their insights and feelings about rising diversity as a key-value for success.

A diverse week

may 2018

GE Italian Diversity & Inclusion Week has been kicked off at Avio Aero headquarters, then it followed through the other Italian GE businesses, filled with key contributions and edifying events. 

Rewarding Diversity

december 2018

BHGE and GE win the Best LGBT Network award thanks to the GLBTA Alliance Italy - which also includes the Avio Aero Hub - during the annual Forum hosted by Parks, Liberi e Uguali!

YES, We Pride!

july 2019

Avio Aero employees commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall by taking part in Pride parades across several cities with their delegations to reaffirm their unyielding advocacy of diversity.

Old but gold.
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