Learn to fly...high

may 2018

The new university course dedicated to advanced manufacturing has started in one of the best engineering school worldwide, it will take students into the industries of the future.

Talents flying

march 2017

Take-off for Avio Aero and ManpowerGroup project that flies into the future.

Flying without pilots

december 2017

Avio Aero takes up the challenge by discussing the future of unmanned aircraft and by hosting the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference at its headquarters.

Discussing "Work in the future"

december 2016

What features, and what new elements emerge from the most recent analyses and from the experience of those who have made the future their profession today? 

Positive models...please

december 2017

An overall reflection on the direction in which Industry 4.0, workers and the digital world are headed, in Italy and beyond.

Applying for Industry 4.0

october 2017

Discussion of a time of major transformations in industry and inter-generational conflicts involving workers, skills and talents.

Fascinated by technology

april 2017

From the Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino to Chair of the Italian Senate Defense Commission, Senator Nicola Latorre, by way of the American Embassy… all impressed by Avio Aero.

From university to industry

march 2017

Our last public talks on the subject recount Avio Aero’s commitment to rewriting the industry of tomorrow.

110 years and counting

october 2018

Shows, photos, music and activities for children. All this and more were on offer at the Turin stage of Avio Aero’s 110th birthday celebrations.

Ranstad Globe Award

april 2017

Our company was ranked first on career opportunities, work atmosphere and work-life balance.

The importance of Stories

november 2018

A special award for our ability to tell about case studies, products, projects, initiatives and above all people, the reason why Avio Aero’s Storytelling works.

Old but gold.
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