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I’m talking to you, why are you looking out the window?

The Women’s Network organized a wealth of events during the first half of 2016. We gathered the main initiatives conducted at the various plants for you, with a special feature on the event held in Pomigliano on Communication and Public Speaking, with the participation of a special guest.
Let’s start with health initiatives carried out by the Health Ahead team. In Rivalta and Brindisi, two relaxation rooms were inaugurated, hoosting a yoga course in Rivalta's plant, and a Pilates course in the Brindisi plant.
The agronomist and essayist Roberto Cavallo held a conference on environmental sustainability, in Rivalta and Pomigliano, in order to raise awareness on the need to rethink and adjust one’s own lifestyle and consumption.
Again in Pomigliano, there was a conference with Dr. Del Buono, an immunologist/allergist, on the diet he created together with Dr. D’Orta to eliminate heavy metals from the body.
Lastly, the Brindisi team organized a seminar on “Health and nutrition for parents and children,” with the goal of providing useful tools to improve nutrition and a positive mental attitude for children and adults.
Meanwhile, the team that follows the “My Connections” pillar pursued a series of initiatives to create and manage a network of relationships, to promote communication between coworkers within their own plant, Avio Aero and various GE businesses.
In fact, our “Women in Commercial” at various GE businesses had the opportunity of observing the products, technologies and solutions of the GE Oil & Gas business, by visiting the Florence plant.
In Pomigliano, we listened to the experiences of Roberta Lucio and Rugiada Cacciatore: these two are the first women, in the history of our Campania plant, to hold the role of supervisors.

Concerning the “Working Parents” pillar, two seminars were held on mindful parenting: “Parents in Order” in Rivalta, and “The Parent-Child Relationship” in Pomigliano.
Additionally, the Pomigliano plant planned and completed the first two sessions for “Walk the Shop” at the Combustors and Airfoils CoEs. The goal of this initiative, in compliance with the one for the associated pillar “Women & Technology,” is to promote technical knowledge sharing between coworkers, guiding them through the products, processing, machinery and organization of the three centers of excellence at the site. The next step will be the CoE CRO&Assembly.
In Rivalta, the W&T team organized two seminars in connection with the Auditoriums of Brindisi and Pomigliano on the topics of Information Technology: “Collaborate & stay compliant” and “Creating the Digital Industrial in GE." The first had the goal of increasing awareness on the proper use of company collaboration tools, such as GE BOX, Cisco Jabber, Webex, on the basis of classifying data used (sensitive information, export control, personal information). During the second seminar, Deneed DeFiore (GE Aviation Chief Technology & Risk Officer) and Jude Schramm (GE Aviation Chief Information Officer) explained to us GE’s strategies for the new revolution: Digital.

“In 2016, we planned over 70 events, including workshops, seminars, conferences, group lessons,” Manuela Brero explained, manager of the hub together with Fabiana Panni. “We met leaders such as Mike Sims (GSC Senior Executive), Victoria Adams (Executive - Manufacturing Operations), Alfredo Marin (Executive - Sales) and those of other GE businesses, such as Alessandra Pavolini (Global Growth Chief Marketing Officer), Catherine Gutowski (General Manager - Product Management, EMEA, GE-Lighting). We then visited the GE Oil & Gas plant in Florence and in turn we welcomed our GE colleagues at our Avio Aero plants. These and the many other initiatives we implemented are possible thanks to the great commitment and passion of our women at the Women’s Network. Networking means building connections and learning from the experience and instinct of others. The possibility of interfacing with specialists or ordinary colleagues of different sectors, opens the door to dialog and a broader sharing of ideas.”

Learning, knowledge sharing, critical analysis and experience sharing: these are the cornerstones of Learning, one of the pillars of the Women’s Network (WN).
Arianna Boschetti—Lead Production Quality Specialist and manager of Learning for the Pomigliano WN team—gathered together the needs of various colleagues who expressed a desire to improve their communication skills in the workplace and everyday life. “After listening to some colleagues, I understood that public communication is a thorny issue for most,” Arianna told us. “The idea of organizing a seminar on public speaking arose from a question I asked myself several times as well: what is effective communication and why do so many experience difficulties in public speaking?” 
The Avio Aero External Communications team therefore organized a meeting together with the Women’s Network team at our Pomigliano site, on events dedicated to Learning.</p>
“I’m talking to you, why are you looking out the window?” is the name of the conference on effective communication and public speaking, held this past May 17th at the Auditorium Romeo in Pomigliano, with special guest <strong>Letizia Nassuato,Communications Manager, South-Central Italy,Vodafone Italia.
The goal of this workshop is to increase awareness in the participants of their own communication skills, and to help them learn the tools and techniques to improve their communication with others. First, by describing what makes the perfect speaker: clear presentation, looking straight into the listener’s eyes, and talking at a reasonable pace—and, in particular, being a good listener as well. Indeed, it’s not enough to speak in order to be heard. Communication means making others understand our message using words, images, gestures.
After listening to the theory, some of the participants practiced what they learned, with two exercises designed to improve their speaking skills, where they were able to involve the public in a fun role-playing game. 
Letizia Nassuato then presented the wide-ranging communication campaign “#HeForShe” organized by Vodafone Italia and promoted by the United Nations, created to involve and raise awareness in men on gender equality, the shared goal of our Women’s Network.
“The advice I give women in companies is to have the courage to dare,” says Letizia, “to make choices and to take responsibility for those choices, even at the cost of making a mistake.”
The women’s network has been at Avio Aero for nearly three years, but their ideals have not changed: promoting gender equality at every level and supporting women’s participation in company dynamics. In addition, the Women’s Network can be considered a “community of practice,” a place for conversation, where the knowledge of experts, our colleagues or special guests can be shared and made available to everyone.