Community & Culture

First Rivalta Avio Aero Games

Born in March 2016,  the Rivalta Engagement Team aims at better connecting all of the site’s employees. In these last few months the group has grown bigger and bigger, and on Saturday, Sept. 24 the first offsite event was held at park Laura Vicuna, for a day of fun and games.
The participants competed in all kind of games, from three and four legged race to egg toss, from sack race to sandwich eating!
Congratulations to all those who won, and even to those who didn’t but had a lot of fun!
The group had a blast and also did some good to our community:  all leftovers (eggs included) were donated to the church of Santa Rita, for the canteen of the many homeless people who reach out to them every day.

Thanks  to all the volunteers who helped to make this event possible.