Avio Aero People


We are in a very exciting time with digital changing nearly every aspect of the way we live and work - and even the speed at which we move.  At GE Aviation, the Digital Industrial revolution is no longer a futuristic idea, it’s happening now all around us. We recently announced Aviation’s new Digital organization, which is moving very quickly to integrate and accelerate the effort to bring Big Data and Big Machines together so we can deliver better outcomes for our customers and greater productivity for our business.  This new organization will need all of our help to succeed in this important effort.
The Digital team is counting on everyone in Avio Aero to help us leverage domain expertise, data science and software capabilities to increase productivity and minimize down time.  Many of you will play a key role in changing the way we use data across our supply chain and shop floors, as we track every machine, every component and every part and turn that data into knowledge that lets us work smarter and faster.
And, while creating Brilliant Factories will be the cornerstone of our efforts, our digital transformation will take place in every function.  Think about the data you generate in a day or in a week, whether you are in HR, Finance or Sales. Connecting that data and harnessing the power of analytics will deliver breakthrough improvements in collaboration, decision-making and speed.
If that concept seems a bit far-fetched, just think about how much you use the power of data and analytics to improve your personal life. Whether it is banking through an app on your mobile device, ordering a Kindle from Amazon, or reaching your destination with the help of Google Maps, we have all become much more digital. 
In February, GE announced the Digital Alliance Program, which brings together some of the world’s most forward-thinking digital and technology companies to unlock real value for our customers.  Once trained and certified, members of the Alliance Program will be able to build industrial apps with Predix, GE’s cloud platform for the Industrial Internet.
Predix is a revolutionary tool that enables innovation across many industries. It is secured, optimized for the unique and demanding requirements of industrial applications, and compatible with a full range of operations and assets.
I am very energized about the road ahead and the transformation that is happening right now across our business and around the world.  We have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage digital to improve productivity, reduce costs and drive growth right here in Avio Aero.  I know I can count on all of you to be leaders in this exciting revolution.

GE Aviation Senior Executive, Communications & Infrastructure