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Chef for a day

Cooking pots, judges, forks in hand, tasting sessions and laughs: this was all part of the third edition of the ‘’Chef for a day’’ cookery competition held on last June 14 this year, organized by the CedAS in Pomigliano and conceived by Erasmo Cortese (Combustor Manufacturing Engineer).

Three teams made of colleagues with a passion for cooking, challenged each other with special recipes as they prepared a complete menu, from the first course through to the dessert, for an audience of over 200 people.
The contestants mainly used locally produced seasonal ingredients to prepare their dishes, and for cooking facilities they had a truly professional kitchen set up for them on the lawn of the Parco Verde di Marigliano park (Naples).

The tasting and judging of our chefs’ creations was done by an informal jury made up of friends, co-workers and family members, as well as by an expert jury featuring the official chefs of the Pomigliano site’s canteen.
The Red Team got the most votes for ‘best dessert’ and, after a difficult decision was reached by the jury of experts, the Green Team was declared the overall winner of the contest with the most votes for best First Course, best Second Course, and best Side Dish.
The real winners of the contest, however, were the teamwork and the fun had by all during a Sunday in June that was definitely out of the ordinary.
Watch the video of the day’s events to relive the excitement of being a Chef for a day!