An Italian Story

december 2018

110 years of Avio Aero as seen from inside the Air Force aeronautical Museum going through a special journey of extraordinary stories, twisted with the aviation industry and much more.

The importance of Stories

november 2018

A special award for our ability to tell about case studies, products, projects, initiatives and above all people, the reason why Avio Aero’s Storytelling works.

The sound of tech innovation

october 2018

Finding space for creativity, even in the most technologically advanced sectors, is possible, as proved by Avio Aero’s new social campaign in collaboration with IED.

Celebrating Pride

july 2018

Five events across Italy participated by the GE Affinity Groups and the allies, including their insights and feelings about rising diversity as a key-value for success.

From factories to school

may 2018

GE’s professional development programs can not only discover special professional talents, but also exemplary humanitarian vocations.

A diverse week

may 2018

GE Italian Diversity & Inclusion Week has been kicked off at Avio Aero headquarters, then it followed through the other Italian GE businesses, filled with key contributions and edifying events. 

Learning like Millennials

april 2018

Exactly five years after the tragic event that struck the heart of its buildings, the City of Science is more alive than ever through its exhibitions, training experiences and labs, one of those is dedicated to Avio Aero.

Allied to grow

february 2018

The kick-off event for the GLBTA hub, introduced for the first time by the new Hub Leader of Avio Aero.

Unmanned aid for humans

january 2018

How the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft disclose their 'humanitarian' potential in the wildest and most remote places on earth.

Positive models...please

december 2017

An overall reflection on the direction in which Industry 4.0, workers and the digital world are headed, in Italy and beyond.

Applying for Industry 4.0

october 2017

Discussion of a time of major transformations in industry and inter-generational conflicts involving workers, skills and talents.

Diverse...but from whom?

october 2017

The GLBTA forum in Milan has been an opportunity to tackle the subject of diversity in the world of work, with a valuable contribution from Avio Aero.

The Diva inside everyone

july 2017

Thanks to the Women’s Network, we discovered an inspiring professional-human story combined with a stunning hi-tech invention.

A great, generous beating heart

june 2017

Year 2017 got off to a fine start for the Avio Aero Volunteers, who supported a large number of Italian charities during the first six months of the year!

Running toward the future

june 2017

"From industry 4.0 to logistics 4.0: the race to the future has begun"; the title of the event promoted and organized by the Italian Air Force Logistics Command in Rome last Wednesday is self-explanatory.

A united Defense

may 2017

A fascinating debate took place recently in Turin, during the congress titled "Italy and European Defense", involving the Avio Aero CEO together with major figures from the worlds of politics, journalism and government.

Fascinated by technology

april 2017

From the Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino to Chair of the Italian Senate Defense Commission, Senator Nicola Latorre, by way of the American Embassy… all impressed by Avio Aero.

Ranstad Globe Award

april 2017

Our company was ranked first on career opportunities, work atmosphere and work-life balance.

Have no fear, follow your passions

april 2017

GE Italy's Women In Tech recount their experiences in a video to encourage girls to study technical and scientific subjects.

From university to industry

march 2017

Our last public talks on the subject recount Avio Aero’s commitment to rewriting the industry of tomorrow.

Best wishes, Avio Aero Volunteers!

december 2016

L’avvento del Natale è stato il tema centrale dei festeggiamenti per la Giornata Mondiale del Volontariato organizzata dai nostri Avio Aero Volunteers nelle varie sedi.

Save an apple…

october 2016

The Avio Aero volunteers contributed to the research against Multiple Sclerosis buying the AISM apples.

All back to school!

september 2016

Avio Aero and the school supplies collection project for the children of families living in poverty.

Increasing digital to facilitate productivity

september 2016

Great success in Rome for our conference, Industrial Renaissance 4.0

Old but gold.
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