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Volunteers target 100 caps a day

The IRCCS (National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment) located in the town of Candiolo in the province of Turin, a few kilometers from the head office of Avio Aero, is one of the world's most advanced and well-known centres in the fight against cancer. In 2007 the local parish church established the "La Madonnina" Guest House, an NGO that aims to help relatives, friends and relatives of cancer patients (as well as self-sufficient patients themselves, and people who have to undergo examinations or consultations and who require overnight accommodation) from all over Italy and abroad La Madonnina accommodates people who are unfamiliar with the local area, who may be alone and unable to afford an extended hotel stay, and who are visiting Candiolo to support those fighting a very serious disease, or even to undergo that same fight themselves. It is not simply a welcome and overnight accommodation service: the guest house offers not just a bed but also comfort, friendship, help, and sometimes even food. All of this is provided by 150 volunteers who perform the various jobs that keep the guest house up and running: transporting patients and relatives, administration and secretarial duties, gardening and room cleaning, washing bed linen, sourcing supplies, maintenance, and preparing food and gift parcels. In particular, some of these volunteers, including a handful of Avio Aero employees led ably by Carla Gabri (a former colleague in Sourcing who retired in August after 42 years in the company), are involved in the collection and sale of plastic bottle caps of any kind. The caps are collected by parish churches, schools, gyms, hospitals and individuals and sold to specialist companies for recycling, which generates valuable revenue to offset the guest house's expenses. With help from Carla and numerous other colleagues, the Avio Aero head office in Rivalta has been collecting caps from water bottles and other containers for delivery to the "cap team" at La Madonnina. Considering that since 2010, the guest house has provided 27 bedrooms with bathrooms, two TV rooms, two shared kitchens, a dining hall, a chapel, a library, a laundry and ironing room, terraces, a van for taking away the collected caps, bicycles, shopping trolleys and air conditioning, it's easy to understand how day-to-day expenses can mount up, particularly with heating bills of over 88,000 euros per year). From its opening in September 2007 to the beginning of July 2015, La Madonnina provided a total of over 54,000 overnight stays for 3217 people. In 2014 the guest house raised 20,166 euros from the collection of around 65 million caps weighing a total of approximately 118 tons, including those collated by Avio Aero. A hundred caps a day is enough to ensure a steady income and keep the guest house operating smoothly. The Avio Aero volunteers have even organized the rollout of this excellent initiative to the company's other bases. Our logistics colleagues will support the initiative by collating caps donated by everyone (in the office or at home and collected in any available container) and delivering them every two months to the Candiolo guest house, which will pick them up at the logistics center in Rivalta. The Goods Receipt area in Rivalta (column 56/30) will even prepare a large container where collected caps can be deposited, including those from the other sites where our logistics team will support the initiative:

at Pomigliano, with Maria Colella in the Goods Receipt area;

at Sangone in the central warehouse.

At Rivalta, there are also bins for caps in the print corners of the building La Madonnina is an NGO that you can also freely donate to by signing the 5xmille 95516130010. (www.lamadonninaonlus.it).