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Toastmaster International: where leaders come to be

The Toastmaster club of Avio Aero, called Toasting in the Sky to emphasize the aviation calling of our company, was created in 2015 to develop the leadership and public-speaking skills of its attendees. The club is part of an educational project created and promoted by Toastmaster International, the non-profit organization.
The club holds weekly meetings based on active participation, discussion preparation, and continuous feedback. Each session lasts around one hour, in English, and attendees play agreed upon roles and alternate them, in order to have a comprehensive experience, using a unique formula that places the person at the center. The role of the Toastmaster is to host and lead the meeting presenting the program and introducing attendees: it's a key role that may determine the success or failure of the whole meeting.  At each session, two speakers present a carefully prepared discussion and present it to the members of the club. Anticipation always runs high: it's not easy to stand on two feet for 5 minutes in front of an audience, but all attendees are aware that they stand in front of people who want to make each moment an opportunity for development and success.
Club members work for projects: they start with project no. 1, called “The Ice Breaker,” where they have to present themselves to the audience to break the ice, and end with project no. 10, “Inspire your audience,” where the speaker has to inspire the audience using charisma, experience and public speaking techniques. Each project has a specific goal that ranges from clarity of presentation, to the choice of words used, and the importance of body language and posture.
The middle of the meeting is devoted to improv. The table topic master has to come up with a subject that allows everyone to stand up, interact, comment and discuss their ideas. The topic is unknown until the last second, and everyone has to answer questions or prepare a discussion... by improvising! This is how we get used to always being ready, to think of intelligent answers on our feet and come up with supporting arguments. Creativity also has a place, with the choice of innovative and unpredictable topics.
The meeting ends with the assessment of the whole session, from the accuracy of the attendees, to the level of participation exhibited, including the speaker’s performance. Feedback is an essential element of each meeting, a moment when everyone learns their strengths and areas for improvement.
The club is open to the participation and contribution that people can offer in line with one of their strongest suits: being social. We meet in Rivalta on Fridays during lunch break in training room 3, in Palazzina, or Giorgieri hall, in Spina. Whoever is interested and would like to be our guest is welcome to join us!
Toastmaster International has clubs all over the world, to help their members improve their communication skills, public-speaking skills, and leadership skills.  At thousands of affiliate clubs, Toastmaster International offers a program of educational communication and leadership projects designed to help men and women learn the art of speaking, listening and thinking.