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The GLM of July

The end of the tunnel is approaching, said Riccardo Procacci at the opening of the last Global Leadership Meeting, heralding the end of a period that has required much commitment and the search for solutions to complex business issues.
This viewpoint was supported by the more than satisfactory outcome of a number of major summer events: the Paris Air Show, David Joyce's visit to Rivalta and the Rome conference, which was attended by over 120 representatives of European and Italian institutions and which focused on development and innovation in the defence and aerospace industries.
Massimo Casale also confirmed the economic and financial effects of these encouraging data by saying that orders are increasing, despite a slight downturn in turnover, and that both administrative and general costs have been reduced.
The production area is one that is still feeling the effects of recent critical events. Tom Hammoor pointed the finger against scrap, rework and stock, and asked for greater attention and effort in these areas. In particular, stock is directly linked to delivery performance.
The loud and clear message is that effective cooperation ensures product reliability. Cooperation between Engineering and Global Supply Chain is especially paramount, because the most important challenges are overcome with teamwork.
In his speech, Giorgio Abrate reiterated that it will be more and more common to see production engineers, quality engineers and designers working side by side in the same offices of the factory. In the same way, MRB (Material Review Board) management of non-compliances will be increasingly shared with design.
This challenging journey will lead us towards the growth sectors highlighted by Giulio Ranzo, namely helicopters, service, overhaul of marine and industrial turbines, integrated systems and, of course, the turbomachinery and transmission products that remain the beating heart of our business.