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Smart testing machines at PoloniaAero

In issue 10 of about published last December we told you about the progress of construction work at PoloniaAero, the large Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility located at Zielonka, Poland. The facility will be used for testing low-pressure turbines of the future aircraft engines, and the start-up date is approaching fast.
We explained how the industrial facility consists of 3 main buildings: the Transformer Substation, the Electrical Building and the Main Building. This latter building contains “the brains and the heart” behind the operations of PoloniaAero. In the Main Building, the pipes, electrical wiring and internal equipment are currently in the process of completion. The building is also equipped with the hi-tech devices and software used to perform all or part of the test facility functions, namely processing of all the measurements obtained on the turbines and subsequent evaluation of performance, vibrations and noise emissions.
These systems, including DDAS (Dynamic Data Acquisition System) and SDAS (Static Data Acquisition System) software, were developed by Loccioni Group, a world-leading Italian enterprise in the field of automatic measurement and control systems. It is also recognized as a highly sustainable company and one of Italy’s “Best Workplaces 2015”.
The DDAS system consists of two different sections: the front end located in the Test Room (where testing is performed) and the user interface located in the Control Room, from where the tests are supervised, the devices controlled and measurements made to evaluate turbine performance. The DDAS is used for acquiring signals with high dynamics (microphones, pressures, vibrations) and is capable of simultaneously acquiring 136 channels with frequencies of between 250 and 500 kHz.
This represents a staggering calculation capacity: each signal is sampled up to 500,000 times a second, so in this unit of time up to 43 million pieces of information can be acquired!