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Our experience at the service of the new PW1400G

The Irkut MC-21 is the first in a series of three new twin-engine short-range and mid-range jet airliners, made by Irkut (part of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation, UAC) with the participation of worldwide vendors and partners, with a capacity of 150-212 passengers.  The MC-21 family of aircraft will therefore ensure significant gains in terms of fuel consumption, environmental impact as well as economic advantages, compared with its national and international competitors.
The PW1400G engine was selected to power the Irkut MC-21, whose entry into service is scheduled for 2018. Indeed, this engine will be able to achieve significant performance in terms of fuel consumption reduction, a noise reduction of 50%, even lowering CO2 and NOX emissions; lastly, its innovative geared structure, together with the very latest in engine technology (e.g. the Advanced Pure Power engine core) will allow the PW1400G to achieve excellent performance.
Avio Aero is in charge of the design, development and production of the accessory drive train (ADT), consisting of main gearbox (MGB) and angle gearbox (AGB), as well as the Oil tank. The entire PW1400G engine shares a lot of commonality with the PW1100G Pure Power: same AGB and Oil Tank, as identified during the development stage, and a lot of commonality gathered from prior experience with the PW1100G and the technical expertise of Avio Aero were applied. Additionally, this has allowed a reduction in lead time and costs.
The PW1400G ADT has successfully completed the certification process after Endurance testing, operating satisfactorily during all test cycles, and finally obtaining FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval this past February 11.
Well done team!