Avio Aero People

Celebrating Quality

On 5 February this year, our Polish colleagues at the factory in Bielsko-Biala celebrated their successful audit. The assessment held in January was conducted by General Electric and gave highly positive results.
In particular it highlighted the presence of an efficient and compliant quality monitoring system, together with a clean and well-organized site. The audit found no major problems, just a few minor non-conformities for which improvement measures are already under way.
The overall score was 17.78 out of 20, so high for an initial audit. The next audit will be held in 12-24 months’ time.
As Roberto Bertaina, Plant Manager of the Polish site, pointed out, the most welcome compliments were those extended to the team and its positive and proactive dynamics, which are clearly evident even to outsiders. About twenty colleagues, both blue and white collar workers, received an award for their dedicated work in preparing for the audit.
“I’m very pleased with the work that all of you have done. I’m especially proud of the team spirit, which can be clearly seen even by outsiders,” Roberto Bertaina concluded.