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Avio Aero goes to school

The company's commitment towards young high school students in our area goes on, thanks to a series of initiatives that aim to provide them with the tools they need to find their way, understand the internal dynamics of an aviation company and the opportunities it offers.
Therefore, for this school year, Avio Aero will take part for the first time in an education program on entrepreneurship and sustainability, “Natural...mente Scuola,” involving around 2,000 students, 37 schools and 43 class groups throughout the region of Puglia.
“It is with great enthusiasm, that Avio Aero decided to take part in this project,” stated Riccardo Procacci, Chairman and CEO of Avio Aero. “We're taking part in this initiative for the first time, with passion, energy and over a hundred years' experience and technological innovation in the aviation sector as our assets. Tools we're happy to offer to the schools involved and the Puglia area.”
Puglia youth will have the opportunity to approach a very current subject, the connection between environmental sustainability and technological innovation, thanks to a discussion with a network of professionals from the aviation and aerospace sectors—including Boeing and Finmeccanica—the University of Salento and the Polytechnic University of Bari.
Indeed, the students involved will have to develop, using a business game, an idea for an actual start-up for the aviation and aerospace sector that is sustainable from both an environmental and an economic standpoint, and lastly, organize a Crowdfunding campaign to gather financing for their idea from businesses in the area.
The 43 start-up ideas selected this year by the students show a special focus on the topic of biofuels; the production and recovery of “clean” energy for the requirements of the airport or the aircraft itself; and the use of technology to facilitate and innovate services related to air transport and the airport.
In addition to the “Natural...mente Scuola” project in Puglia, the “Studiare l’impresa, l’impresa di studiare” project, promoted by the Campania Region together with “Il Mattino” newspaper and the Industrial Union of Naples—enters its fourth consecutive year. The young students of the ITIS Fermi-Gadda in Naples, thanks to two meetings at their school with a few business managers and a visit to our Pomigliano plant, will be able to discover the world of Avio Aero and gather information on the skills required, in order to chart a study path that is focused, informed and consistent with both their passions and the requirements of the working world.
A meeting was held this past February 26th with around 30 11th grade students at the institute, with Francesco Gaudino, Testing Engineer in Pomigliano, who showed the manufacturing excellence and features of the Naples offices. Instead, during the final tour of our plant, these young people will have the opportunity to get to know the production processes, machines, people, pride and dedication of those who, every day, work at our company and make our territory highly competitive.