Avio Aero People

Avio Aero and GE visit Italy's top universities

More than 450 students from Italy's top-ranked engineering universities and polytechnics hooked up with colleagues of ours from Avio Aero, GE Corporate and GE Oil&Gas, to find out more about what our Group does, and to take part in interviews aimed at assessing their suitability for company placements.
The meetings were held at leading universities throughout the north and south of Italy, including  the Polytechnics of Turin, Milan and Bari, the University of Salento, and the Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base Federico II in Naples.
The Avio Aero delegation, consisting mostly of HR, Engineering and Supply Chain personnel, included Elisa Franceschini (Milan), Alberto Ingrao (Turin), Eugenia Maldarelli, Andrea De Luca, Francesco Pappalepore, Filippo Simone and Andrea Gravili (Lecce), Antonio Altomare, Fabrizio Scrimieri and Giuseppe Giliberti (Bari), Gaetano De Chiara, Bruna Sanseverino, Sabrina Megna, Michele Amelia, Daniele Del Giudice and Roberto Marrone (Naples).
The aim of each meeting was to promote the Avio Aero and GE brand among university students, especially those studying engineering, and give them an overview of our business and products. After the meetings, a carefully selected group of young graduates and undergraduates had the opportunity to meet our HR specialists and undergo assessment for future Entry Level and Leadership Programme vacancies at GE's plants in Italy. At total of almost 200 individual interviews were conducted.
All of the days were organised by GE Corporate's Talent Recruitment team, in conjunction with the Italy-based businesses, including our own, and the Job Placement departments and faculty staff of the universities concerned.
This proved to be an excellent way of promoting the technological excellence of Avio Aero in general, and its Brindisi site in particular, while at the same time strengthening our partnership with  local universities, which already finds expression in work placements and high-level joint research.
Initiatives of this type are invaluable for HR because they attract the most talented students from the country's universities, bring them into contact with us and foster a passion for our brand, while also enabling them to demonstrate their skills and aspirations in a recruitment-related context.
Lastly, a word about the “PhD On-the-Go” event held at the University of Salento for doctorate students and university lecturers from all over Italy. During the day, Brindisi Plant Leader Gioacchino Ficano made a speech entitled “Avio Aero. 100% Italian-made excellence”, about Avio Aero's best practices in the manufacturing and technology arena.