Avio Aero People

An excellent start for 2016 by the Avio Aero Volunteers

The collection of toys for children who are ill and would have had to spend Carnival at the hospital or a family house was a great success. Our Piedmont, Campania and Puglia colleagues responded with their usual availability and heart to an initiative that a great many people took part in, who gathered or donated toys and then brought them and donated them to important facilities in various areas around the country. Our colleagues from Piedmont donated toys to Casa UGI, the Union of Italian Parents family house, a facility founded in 1980 by parents who were dealing with their child's illness.

Our Pomigliano d'Arco colleagues, instead, decided to deliver the toys to Santobono Hospital in Naples. This was also an excellent choice to help the small patients of a hospital facility in the area that focuses on pediatric patients. Just like our Brindisi colleagues, who decided to donate to two renowned local facilities: Perrino Hospital in Brindisi received significant quantities of stationery, and more besides—white and colored paper, markers, colored pencils and crayons, paperboard, round-tip scissors, balloons, soap bubbles and much more—so the children could engage in creative tasks, while the toys gathered went to Siderea Social Cooperative NPO in Latiano, which welcomes pregnant mothers with dependent children.

None of this was expected. Which is why it's so much more valuable. Especially for those in need, even if it's just temporary. Many thanks to everyone for the time and commitment you devoted to this lovely project.

Lastly, we'd like to bring a message from our former colleague, Carla Gabri, who has been helping the Candiolo Foster House cause for some time, and, at Avio Aero, kick started the collection of plastic caps to donate to the House, so they can collect funds by recycling: “Today I gave the head of the Candiolo Foster House the first batch of caps that I collected this past December 15th. A warm thank you from the whole team of volunteers for this help.  Ours is a very small contribution, but every little helps... and this is such an extraordinary charity that it deserves every type of support, including caps!

The toys collection of Avio Aero Borgaretto’s people (Turin, Italy)