Avio Aero People

A special donation to Brazil

The restructuring and refurbishment activities carried out by our volunteers last year at the Laura Vicuna Sports Center, which is a stone's throw away from the Avio Aero headquarters and a well-known haunt for the sports fans on the team, have paved the way for a particularly worthwhile charity initiative. The activities brought some of our colleagues into contact with the staff at the Laura Vicuna centre, who are also members of OASI OMG (Operazione Mato Grosso), an association founded in the late 1960s by the Salesian Priest Fr Aldo Rabino, who was also president of the Laura Vicuna Center. Since that first meeting, the association has sent volunteers and monetary donations to Sao Juliao Hospital in Brazil. Over time the hospital has become a benchmark in the city of Campo Grande and the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (in the central eastern part of Brazil), partly due to the fact that a school has been built inside of the hospital—the Franco Delpiano school—which now has more than 400 students ranging from elementary to junior high school level. Some of the organization's volunteers asked us for support for their "Treino de Basquete" (basketball training) activity, which was devised by volunteer Bruno Gontero (who died in 2009) for children in the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital and which has been ongoing for 12 years. The purpose of the Treino project is to keep children socially engaged through sport while their schools are closed during the Brazilian winter vacation (which coincides with our summer vacation). It prevents them from being left home alone or wandering the streets, where they are at risk of exposure to drugs, alcohol and delinquency in the poor neighborhoods where they live. Many of them live in dysfunctional families or abject housing conditions, and some are exposed to domestic violence. The Treino project allows them to have fun playing basketball, volleyball, football and dance, as well as studying Italian and attending education workshops that promote peace and solidarity. The Italian volunteers are complemented by a very young team of Brazilian volunteers and former pupils of the school, proof of the tremendous results achieved over recent years in the name of community bonding and cohesion. During the basketball memorial event dedicated to Bruno Gontero which was held on August 1, Avio Aero donated T-shirts to all the children in the 31 teams of students in the city of Campo Grande, who enjoyed a day they'll never forget. You can help the Association by donating through the 5 x 1000 tool to OASI Don Bosco Onlus tax code 95575560016 or by sending your donations through Banca Popolare Etica to OASI Don Bosco Onlus IBAN code IT49S0501801000000000110133. For details please visit the following website: www.oasiomg.it